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  1. Downloading from non-hashing client

    hi dator - i like snappy, but you're totally beside the point: i sure don't want to go back in time (didn't i say so in the second sentence of the initial message?), but sometimes i need to connect to a user with an older client, just because he's the only one with that specific album/video, and the only thing that prevents it is the darned TTH. Anyway, for those that recognise the problem, my workaround is this: i use ApexDC++ 2.0 for my 'regular' ups and downs, and use DC++ 0.689 to connect to older clients (they can run side by side). (as far as i'm concerned, the topic can be closed)
  2. Downloading from non-hashing client

    Well, that's the whole point: these anti-hashies are very stubborn, and prob. for good reasons. I'm in private hubs only, and TTH has never done any good to me: the only 'alternates' it finds are from the exact same user in another hub (and then it starts 'double dipping' - utterly annoying!), while the alternates i find manually always have a different TTH-id; of course there must be the slightest difference, but 'same size' is good enough for me, i'll do the checking by eyes and ears. All in all: though the techies all seem to be in favor of TTH, the community sure is NOT. I guess it's time for a client or mod that kicks the whole TTH-business out of the window and let people decide which files to download. Thanks
  3. Hi there - one short question: can ApexDC++ download from older, non-hashing clients like DC++ .306? I'm desperately looking for a client that can do that, without having to go back in time . . . thanks, Adje358
  4. Where is the list of users in a hub?

    Please, have that box checked by default - i was quite desperate, and this report isn't all that easy to find! . . . :blushing: