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  1. Released: ApexDC++ 1.3.1

    Thank you for the reply. It worked.
  2. Released: ApexDC++ 1.3.1

    Hello. Thanks for your work on making the client even better. However, I`ve encoutered a little problem with this version (1.3.1 x64, win 7). For some reason the client no longer minimizes to system tray. It has an icon there, but also has an icon on the main panel where other running applications are shown (idk what it`s called in English, I suppose it`s a task bar). Is the problem with my computer or is it caused by the new task bar features of a client? Oh, and I've checked the settings, 'minimize to tray' option is enabled.
  3. Привет всем. Не знаю, была ли такая тема - полазил вроде не нашел... У меня вопрос: можно ли сделать так, чтобы apexdc++ обрывал соединение, если пир ничего не скачивал некоторое время? или чтобы соединение обрывалось сразу после загрузки файллиста, ато иногда получается так, что в очереди висят несколько человек, скачавших файл листы, занимая тем самым слоты. Самостоятельно в настройках клиента не нашел :blushing: _ uhm... Hello everyone... I wonder if I should`ve posted this in a general forum, but it`s too late now... Here`s a description of my problem in English: Is it possible to set apexdc++ client to disconnect passive connections, if peer hasn`t downloaded anything for a certain amount of time... or to disconnect everyone after uploading a filelist `cause sometimes people accumulate in a queue, downloading nothing but yet occupying an upload slot. Couldn`d find such a set-up on my own...