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  1. Finally, some answers. I'll let my users know, and if it helps, i'll tell you later... BTW for this thread, people are asking questions on and on, making new threads of the same error, because there isn't any good answer form the dev team on HOW TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM. And, of course they are going to post the same question again. I'm an OP on a relatively medium size hub (3k users), and we use mostly PWDC, Apex and StrongDC clients. I have to say that the most reliable one is PWDC (latest version 0.41, which is unfortunately abandoned), then StrongDC and then Apex. Although, StrongDC has some 'disconnected' issues, that's not the subject here. The reason is because, the Apex dev team is letting the beta version to come on the hands of regular users who don't have much knowledge and experience with clients. I think it's only good for OPs and admins. Apex was better in some stages than it's ancestor StrongDC, until you released bad beta versions...It has some nice features, like blocking PM's for example. For example, StrongDC doesn't have these kind of problems, because BigMuscle doesn't releases beta's, and therefore, no major problems like this. Yes, it is a major problem, since i have 100 pm's a day, because of this crash which means that lots of people has a problem with it, on which apparently nobody has proper answer on how to solve it. PLEASE, post a CLEAN answer on how to solve it (some general solution), so everyone can see it, and don't lock the threads ffs. Post redirection links to this thread or something. Thank you in advance :)