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  1. Ignore PM's from users?

    Is there a ignore list in Apex? I have problems with spammers and it would be great to just ignore their private messages.
  2. redjanje downloada

    Redosled mozes da odredjujes pomocu prioriteta.
  3. 1. Finished Downloads - multiselect Standard DC++ 0.699 has it, how come Apex doesn't? I often need to remove a group of files from finished downloads list and its very hard to do when i have to manually remove each file (like 300 from a list of 5000). 2. Opening files from Finished Downloads list by pressing return on keyboard (Enter) This is something i always wanted in dc++ because its much easier to navigate by using just keyboard.
  4. Show us your desktop

    I have same CPU now as I did tree years ago, P4 3.0GHz :)
  5. Show us your desktop

    I don't even have a wallpaper now, so here is my desktop from 3 years ago :)
  6. Ignore PM's from users?

    I did not see this option (Settings - Advanced - Misc - Block users) before, thanks. It would be great if we had "Add user to ignore list" command in context menu (like "Add to favorites").
  7. To sto imas Flat paket ne mora nista da znaci jer neki provajderi blokiraju portove i/ili usporavaju saobracaj na raznim p2p mrezama ukljucujuci DC++. Mozda si ukljucio opciju "Limit transfer speeds" (Advanced>Limits)? U General tabu postoji samo opcija line speed a nema line limit, i koliko je meni poznato to sluzi iskljucivo informativno ljudima koji skidaju od tebe.
  8. Close button

    I agree that close button should be for closing but DC++ is one of those programs that you almost never close and it would be really great to have this as option.
  9. There were no share folders in H: drive but i found LogDirectory, TLSPrivateKeyFile and TLSCertificateFile had paths on H: drive. I replaced them, this seems to have solved problem with no disk messages, thank you.
  10. When i insert some disk in my drive and eject it, Apex displays message "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert disk in the drive H:.". It repeats that message every 2-3 minutes. There is no crashing but it is very annoying. Apex version: 1.0.0B4 OS: Windows Server 2003
  11. I'm not sharing my H: drive and i don't even touch ApexDC++ (it just sits quietly in systray) when i insert disk in my drive. As you can see in attachment, only W: drive is bold.