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  1. [Bug][1.0.0] Connection settings - Fixed

    I had a lot of customizations in my settings, but I only noticed that my Bind IP was set incorrectly and my share disappeared(though it didn't require re-hashing). All other settings were just fine.
  2. Apex reporting as DC++

    I see, I guess that makes sense since there's so many hostile hubs out there Thanks for the info, I'll just hafta ride the noobs harder I guess.
  3. Apex reporting as DC++

    So, sometimes even when 'emulate dc++' is not checked for a hub, Apex will report as DC++. I think I've noticed it reporting as DC++ 0.68,0.69, and maybe 0.704. As far as I can tell, this happens sometimes when a user is redirected from one hub to another. I've got an Apex-only hub, but at least 10% of the people are still reporting as DC++, despite the fact that they are using Apex(most of them, at least). Most of the mis-reporting users are just retarded and checked 'emulate dc++', but some people it was redirection causing it. Also, some users were using Quick Connect, and they showed up as DC++. Anyhow, I am wondering if this is standard behavior or if it's not supposed to do that? I'm having a devil of a time making the hub pure Apex currently.