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  1. User icon's explained

    Thanks for that. I guess I just didn't look hard enough! It does make sense, based on the configuration of the network we're running on. Only thing that threw me and made me think twice, was that not all the users had the same icon :lol:
  2. User icon's explained

    Howdy all, Just got a DC hub going for a community based network we're running and am (actively) using Apex for the first time. It's a great app and I thank those that have developed it. I haven't found, or haven't looked hard enough?, for an explanation of the user icons. I found out the mine is a good thing, but there's another i've seen that neither me nor any of the other users are sure about. I refer to the icons next to the bottom three users. What do these ones indicate? Would they simply indicate users on the same subnet (my IP being This is an initiative developed/put into practise by my IP, where users on the same telephone exchange can share data, without it counting against any monthly data quota, so we're all on our own "networks". It makes sense if that is the explanation! :(