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    Anime, electronics, messing with computers, Ocean Girl and other sci-fi series<br />
  1. i'm trying to make personalized dc client for now i got this problem: last time i used 0.4.0 source now i'm trying 1.0.1 - everything what i wanted to work works exept some chat coloring in 0.4.0 kick messages [<someone> is kicking ...] were colored with "system message" color, in current its "operator" and i'd like to return this feature to the old way any hints where to look for it?
  2. Compiling ApexDC++

    for those who had problems finding working STLport and vld: STLport downloaded from SVN VLD Other include files needed i searched so you dont have to happy compiling
  3. Favorites Manually

    i'm making personalized mod of apexdc for me and my friends and i'd like to include this feature- maching fav users only by theyr nicks unfortunetly my understanding prograing and dc++ source code is not enough to manage on my own could someone help me with this?