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  1. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    do you still develope this software?? i thought this p2p was dead. i have nothing against Apex itself but dc++ is dead. People doesn't use it anymore
  2. Show us your desktop

  3. Downloaded parts bar

    i have tried othe combinations of colors...if i change common block color,everything change look at this blu is the background light blu is fo common blocks grey is for verified and downloaded chunks yellow is for running chunks but here i see a lot of other colors..... It would be nice if we could see how many (and which ones) chunks every user own
  4. Downloaded parts bar

    Can someone explain me what those colors mean?? I have set: Green--->Verified chunks Grey----->Downloaded chunks Blu------->Common cblocks Yellow--->Running chunks
  5. 2 New Features doesn't work

    In my ApexDC the feature: -Option to enable dynamic search of users in userlist box (don't need to press enter) -Ability to set how long the popup ballons stay for doesn't work another's just a question......what is a "common chunk"?
  6. New PM icon

    i like the idea to change only the icon's color but the colors must be very different.
  7. New button

    i would like to have an icon for everything (refresh filelist,winamp,close disconnected etc etc....) so we can choose which ones we want on the toolbar.
  8. Released: ApexDC++ 0.1.0 (Preview 1)

    if i click on "update check" apexDC says that a new version is available: is it only a "fixed bugs" version?
  9. New PM icon

    it doesn't seem black.. but you understood what i meant....2 icons with high contrast (?)* *=when i write (?) means that i don't know if the grammar is correct ;)
  10. Released: ApexDC++ 0.1.0 (Preview 1)

    at the moment apexdc seems to be like strongdc but more features will arrive with upcoming new versions
  11. New PM icon

    you cold make 2 icons:1 dark and 1 bright.......dark grey and dark blue are not the best choice.
  12. Released: ApexDC++ 0.1.0 (Preview 1)

    ahhhhhhh....i thought i could ignore bots too.....and i also looked for the list of the ignored users in the settings. At the moment it seems just like strongDC :-)
  13. Released: ApexDC++ 0.1.0 (Preview 1)

    i can't see the "permanent ignore list" feature.......where is it?
  14. Linux version?

    for linuw i have tried Valknut and it's not good and Lopster 2.....i used this one.... Even if it's still a beta version Lopster 2 allows you to download from directconnet and opennap networks at the same time....
  15. Useful things in search window

    and what about to display incomplete sources in search window?