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  1. No it's my requesting. :thumbsup: Technically yes, for from best interets of these app.! A handle app it's a best application always! I understand its beta software but explanation "its god as is" make user unhappy!
  2. It's a real observations. I posted in 6.01.2008 when ADC++1.0b5 it's was in testing period. Satan insist it's not a bug but it's a bug authenticaly(in StrongDC 2.1)!Windows aren't remembering their positions [try to open search,one hub(you choise) and favorite hubs for example and try to operate with these windows in main aplications (please no use cascade ). In my opinion the feature it's improvement of aplications! Whatever ADC++1.0b5 for moment (whichtout this bug) it's very stable!
  3. 1)Any window at run is maximize (afecting manevrability)<Bug 2)When i try to give multiple Extra slots [in one selection for more users(ex 3 users)] obtain Apex++ crash mesage. I try tree times. exceptioninfo.txt
  4. 1 million downloads achieved

    Congratulations! Keep it on and Happy Christmas and ... new year (because is near)!
  5. [Crash][0.2.1] Fatal

    I use ApexDC++ v0.2.1.Look in attachment! When I try to manage prioritity for files in download. thx exceptioninfo.txt
  6. oDC reject!

    I'am using ApexDC++ 0.2.1! It is strange PeerWeb 0.41 work fine.I chek!
  7. oDC reject!

    I can't dowload filelist to user with oDC (active/pasive)! Problem is in ApexDC++ v0.2.1. PS in PeerWeb 0.41 it is posible!
  8. Text colour

    Hello TEAM! I like to chage colour sistem text (now is blue) APEXDC++0.2.1 to black.Or create option to chage color sistem text.THX Sorry my language!