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  1. someone screwed this client

    thank you spyke...I only run windows firewall.....sometimes....lol......I found the problem. the "Dont allow exceptions" was checked......dunno how that happened, but I cleared it and all is fine now.....thx again...I know I know....what a putz....LMAO....the ONLY freakin thing I didnt check on....sighhhhhhh...thx so much
  2. someone screwed this client

    yes..I've had DC++ on my router for over 4 yrs....I changed the ports #'s....and just tried again to no avail..I dont know what else to do....I changed the port for ya... Testing on address 76.xxx.xxx.xxx Failed to connect on TCP 6970 Connected on UDP 6868 Partial Connection Try again as I said, I didnt have any issues until this update....sorry for this inconvenience and my "tude"...lol heres a screenshot...its probably huge tho...sry for that
  3. someone screwed this client

    Nice comeback....sighhhh The funny part is that it looks like he has a new PC but thats beside the point. I too am having trouble with apex that I wasnt having before this upgrade...like, cannot search in active mode I cannot get any file lists in active And yes, I have redone my router to open the ports for Apex....but still no avail I also ran "check connection" in settings and this is what it says......... Failed to connect on TCP 6969 Connected on UDP 6868 Partial Connection Try again .........and yes I tried it in 2 different port #'s in TCP Just a thought, how about figuring out WHY instead of saying everyone has a junk PC and your software rules all software...obviously you still have a freakin "bug". I understand that his comment went over the line, but to tell him (which includes me and everyone else that is having problems with THIS release ) that we have "boat anchors", was a bit over the line as well. It would also be nice to know how to fix it...instead of playing the lame blame game Sorry if this sounds rude, but you all say that if we are having problems to let you all know..I love apex but it would be nice to have the version that was working to continue to work for a bit til all the bugs are worked out with the new release....BTW, why ARE all the old releases available to download if they wont let us use them anyway??...
  4. 1.0.0B4 crash, merklecheckoutputstream...

    To me it shouldnt matter at this point what I have because B3 was working fine (and now B4)....but I have XP, 512 ram...like I said, y'all try this and see if it helps you...install B4....then go to the B3 installer and reinstall that, I figured I was going to have B3 again but lo and behold, it was B4...dont ask me how that happened, but B4 is running right now and working great (and no upgrade popup), so if you are having problems still, try it, it just may work for you also.
  5. 1.0.0B4 crash, merklecheckoutputstream...

    I dunno what happened but I had B3 and was running fine and so I HAD to DL the new one B4 (unstable)and installed it...then people couldnt DL from me so I decided to go back to the B3 and over wrote B4 and was just going to leave the download box open so people can DL from me (doesnt make since to me, if it runs good, we dont have a choise but to get the new one) and now I have the new version and peeps can now DL from me....so if you all have this peoblem, you might try this. Jim