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  1. cant enter some hubs since apex 0.3.0

    thnx for your help ;)
  2. cant enter some hubs since apex 0.3.0

    hub is ganjaland.kicks-ass.org
  3. cant enter some hubs since apex 0.3.0

    no its ptokax
  4. hi, I cant enter some hubs since apex 0.3.0 We tried to find out what happened and a script maker said this is the prob: "The problem is that the client is not reporting the correct number of slots according to the dc client protocol. It is a bug in the client not the slot checker which the developers of APex will need to fix.." Is there anything that needs to be fixed? thnx
  5. refreshing request

    I hope you're not thinking i'm hashing my complete share every time........... I share +1000GB myself. I experienced that you need enough memory to refresh your filelist with a share like that without DC crashing. Anyway, it was just a request. Maybe I'm the only one who had this prob :)
  6. refreshing request

  7. refreshing request

    refershing the whole list takes ages with big shares
  8. refreshing request

    I really like the option in fulDC to refresh seperate directories. Can it be added in ApexDC++? Thnx :)