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  1. well i don't know if it happen only at me but, when it downloads from multiple segments and you select force attempt, it supose to force or to remove user from queue ? :D

    i just toke the binaries from 1.0.0B and added on the previews version( that's my version of update :D)

    OS WinXP with security updates only (not genuine :P )

    i like ubuntu better :D

  2. a block user optin if you can do that, so if this activatet a selected user could not download from me, or a black list :D

    i have a very high ratio and some users uses netlimiter, and it's very uncool when these guys downlod from me with speeds up then 1 mg and my speed is below 1 k, i can block thers ip from the fiewall but to complicated :), i something like right click and.. block ip or user :D