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  1. per veder l'anteprima dei file antifrag con vlc basta impostare %[file].antifrag (vedi immagine)

    Se deselezionni la spunta su "antifrag" si creera un altro file nel formato .dctmp nella tua cartella dei download incompleti


  2. ciao Gigi e benvenuto su Apex forum :P

    e dovuto al fatto che di default c 'e la spunta su l opzione "usa modalita antiframmentazione per i downloads" in impostazioni->coda


    questo ti permette di "prenotare" un spazio per il tuo file sul tuo HD senza averlo frammentato.

  3. i don't know if it is possible as in NMDC hubs , users are identicated (only) from their nick . (if you are registred in an NMDC hub , you can change ip , client , share......but if change your nick ,you won't be reconized)

    I think it is because with NMDC protocol , when a client connect to another , it sends the command “$Mynick user_nick”

    ADC allows change of nick because you are identificated from your CID

    (or not ? sometimes protocols are soo mysterious for me :P )

  4. In principle ADC protocol supports nick change without reconnection.

    It's true , when you are in ADC hubs you can change nick without reconnect to hub (typing !mynick "your-new-nick") but you have to do it for each hub .

  5. Come eseguire l'upgrade di ApexDC++ senza perdere dati

    Usando il file setup

    1. Scaricate l' ultimo setup

    2. Chiudete ApexDC++

    3.Avviate il setup , e installate ApexDC++ nella stessa cartella della versione precedente (di solito Program Files/ApexDC++). Il setup controllera i file che avete gia installato , e aggiornera solo i file necessari per eseguire l' upgrade

    4. Avviate ApexDC++ - (vera avviata l'ultima versione di Apexdc )

    Usando il binary

    1. Scaricate il file binary

    2. Chiudete ApexDC++

    3. Prendete i files ApexDC.exe e ApexDC.pdb e sovrascriveteli nella cartella dove avete la versione precedente.

    4. Avviate ApexDC++

  6. Name/nick(s): Kryppy , Kry

    Gender: male

    Age: 35

    Country: living in Italy but i am french

    Hobby's: being on dc , playing with my children , swimming

    On DC since: i don't remember well , probably last 2002

    Worst thing what happened on DC: When the first hub where i was Op closed definitely

    Best thing what happened on DC:in these years i met a lot of nice people and learned many things

  7. Is it possible to make slot-ratio related with your Nominal bandwith setting ?

    For example: if you set Nominal bandwith on 0.005 MBits/s , slot ratio should automaticaly be 0.5

    if you set it on 0.01 MBits/s , slot ratio should automaticaly be 1

  8. It is how I think it actually happens, client gets tranlated when he gets enogh popularity in a given country (at the point when so many users use it, that some of them happens to be dedicated enough to translate).

    Maybe it is possible to get some stats about apex popularity in a given country looking at isp from downloads on sourceforge.(even if they are many "unofficial mirrors" where it is possible to get the client)