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  1. No Smilies since Beta 4

    can this trouble be related with windows unicode ?
  2. Smiles in chat

    mi sembra essere un problema di unicode che versione di windows utilizzi (e quale service pack hai installato) ?
  3. Smiles in chat

    prova questo (cliccca con il tasto destro e scegli salva con nome)
  4. Smiles in chat

    1)verifica che la cartella si chiama EmoPacks e non emopacks 2) hai decompresso il pack nella cartella? 3) una volta fatto , devi riavviare apexdc fammi sapere :D

    per veder l'anteprima dei file antifrag con vlc basta impostare %[file].antifrag (vedi immagine) Se deselezionni la spunta su "antifrag" si creera un altro file nel formato .dctmp nella tua cartella dei download incompleti

    ciao Gigi e benvenuto su Apex forum e dovuto al fatto che di default c 'e la spunta su l opzione "usa modalita antiframmentazione per i downloads" in impostazioni->coda questo ti permette di "prenotare" un spazio per il tuo file sul tuo HD senza averlo frammentato.
  7. use dc++ with a flash drive

    if you want to use dc++ everywhere , you can use this: with this little modification , dc++ is fully portable
  8. New ApexDC++ Dock Icon

    Downloaded Thanks for the great job :)
  9. Quick nick change

    i don't know if it is possible as in NMDC hubs , users are identicated (only) from their nick . (if you are registred in an NMDC hub , you can change ip , client , share......but if change your nick ,you won't be reconized) I think it is because with NMDC protocol , when a client connect to another , it sends the command “$Mynick user_nick” ADC allows change of nick because you are identificated from your CID (or not ? sometimes protocols are soo mysterious for me )
  10. Quick nick change

    It's true , when you are in ADC hubs you can change nick without reconnect to hub (typing !mynick "your-new-nick") but you have to do it for each hub .
  11. Come eseguire l'upgrade di ApexDC++ senza perdere dati Usando il file setup 1. Scaricate l' ultimo setup 2. Chiudete ApexDC++ 3.Avviate il setup , e installate ApexDC++ nella stessa cartella della versione precedente (di solito Program Files/ApexDC++). Il setup controllera i file che avete gia installato , e aggiornera solo i file necessari per eseguire l' upgrade 4. Avviate ApexDC++ - (vera avviata l'ultima versione di Apexdc ) Usando il binary 1. Scaricate il file binary 2. Chiudete ApexDC++ 3. Prendete i files ApexDC.exe e ApexDC.pdb e sovrascriveteli nella cartella dove avete la versione precedente. 4. Avviate ApexDC++
  12. Italian and french forum

    i should be onored to do if you agree :)
  13. Italian and french forum

    North Europe is well rapresented here , what about the south ? :thumbsup:
  14. Game: Guess the movie

    Good night and good luck
  15. I don't think it is good idea as dc++ is based on chat i think an option as " disable pm" isn't in the spirit of dc. For people who doesn't want pm , i advised to use stuff as torrents (even if i agree that not always the pm i receive are welcome :crying: )
  16. tell us who you are

    Name/nick(s): Kryppy , Kry Gender: male Age: 35 Country: living in Italy but i am french Hobby's: being on dc , playing with my children , swimming On DC since: i don't remember well , probably last 2002 Worst thing what happened on DC: When the first hub where i was Op closed definitely Best thing what happened on DC:in these years i met a lot of nice people and learned many things
  17. Hub\Slot ratio=1

    Is it possible to make slot-ratio related with your Nominal bandwith setting ? For example: if you set Nominal bandwith on 0.005 MBits/s , slot ratio should automaticaly be 0.5 if you set it on 0.01 MBits/s , slot ratio should automaticaly be 1
  18. [World Languages] Dutch

    Maybe it is possible to get some stats about apex popularity in a given country looking at isp from downloads on sourceforge.(even if they are many "unofficial mirrors" where it is possible to get the client)
  19. ApexDC++ Official Support Hub - Discussion

    yesturday i tried several times (from 20.00 to 22.00 gmt) to get in but i always been redirect (hub message: hub is full) :(
  20. ApexDC++ Official Support Hub - Discussion

  21. AML ADL Public Hubs

    Thanks Toast , great job as usual :)
  22. Zlobomir do you mean a share skiplist option in favorites hubs properties? sounds nice :)
  23. i like the idea, not to share only a minimum amount on each hub , but it will allow me to share more stuff in some hubs. Actually i must run two clients: one with the stuff which is allowed everywhere (mp3 , rar , avi.....) and one with the stuff that only some hubs let share (vob for example)
  24. ApexDC++ Translations

    Here's italian translation for Apex 1.0.0 beta 4 and Apex 1.0.0 beta 5 apexitalian.xml EDIT: file updated , some bugs fixed
  25. Merry Christmas ApexDC Users

    lol merry chritmas to all of you and your families