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  1. Pruning obsolete entries from HashIndex.xml

    Too bad to see that confirmed. So clearly there'll be no bug fix, nor will the long-awaited version 2.0 ever be released. Since I've also been experiencing another bug of late that is making Apex near unusable, do you or anyone else have any suggestions regarding actively supported DC++ clients?
  2. Pruning obsolete entries from HashIndex.xml

    Huh, so it seems development, support etc. for this client are all dead...
  3. As the subject states, I want to prune all the obsolete entries from HashIndex.xml. It seems old paths, old file names (renamed or deleted files) etc. are all retained for some strange reason in the XML. I have refreshed the file list several times, and also tried issuing /rebuild in chat and restarting the client, but nothing seems to help and the XML keeps getting bloated over time with useless entries. Surely there's an easy way via the client itself to clear the Hash Index of non-existent entries? (Would be unbelievable if not.) Note that I do NOT under any circumstances wish to resort to the crude method of deleting the XML and HashData.dat and then subjecting my HDD to hours worth of unnecessary grinding to re-index my entire share.