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  1. tth inconsistancy

    Well it is not on, on my side, I'll check with the other users though, I barley get 1.3 mb out of my nose bleed connection....lol
  2. hide on minimise

    are you just trying to re size it or what? If so just grab the corners of the client and move it to the size you want it, but minimizing it will take it down to the tray.
  3. tth inconsistancy

    deleting the file didn't help at all, but I think deleting my file list and rehashing the thing may have...I can see that a disconnect during the transfer causing it, on both ends, because I think that is what corrupted things on my side, and i think it was brought on by my bouncing ISP,.....rapid fire disconnects.
  4. tth inconsistancy

    Sure, what happens is that quite a few of our users that are on apex have been having problems with a tth inconsistency...The file hangs during a transfer and won't completely download. At first I thought it may have been just me, as I have a unstable ISP at times, and I thought maybe it was corrupting the transfer, but this morning I started seeing a lot of complaint's from our users. Most were trying out other clients to complete a transfer. That is about all I can pass on to you about the whole thing. I have worked around it now for sometime by deleting the file from the download queue and then downloading it fresh into a separate folder. The files check out ok, so it is not the files them self. It appears to be a bug in the client . I have deleted my hash files though and am starting over with a clean hash, so will let ya know if that takes care of it....Pain in the butt to have to rehash a TB or two, but it may take care of it. More later...lol
  5. courruptopn of dc++ xml on shut down

    Greetings.......I think I have mentioned this before, but never got a real fix for this problem. It went away for some time on apex 1.0.0 but seems to have returned with 1.1.0. The problem is when ever I have to close the client, something happens with the hash data xml as well as the dc++ xml files. I have have pretty much traced it back to those 2 files, simply by eliminating the files and replacing them with a fresh copy, and each time it has been those 2 files. What it does is cause the client to hang on startup, and it happens just as the shared folders is loading. Has anyone else had this problem?.......this will also happen if my ISP crashes on me while I have the client running. It is damned annoying, the only way I seem to be able to get around it is by dinking with the dc++ and hash data files each time , or installing a fresh copy and starting all over again, this gets to be a long process when you are sharing close to a TB of files. Thanks
  6. Cant get list

    No it connected, it just was in a false active mode...I couldn't get list of files, until I put the current IP back into the favorite hubs direct connect window, which btw, I had not had to do in about 2 weeks.
  7. Cant get list

    Well, here is the first real glitch I have had with the new build. Everything has been great, no problem staying active, then all of a sudden I lost connection on my tcp port and am now unable to dwnload a list, not to mention grabbing files. I have tried installing a fresh copy of apex over the existing one....trying like hell to not do a fresh install, however it is looking like that may be the solution. All my Ip addresses are correct and my xp firewall is turned off and my router settings all seem to be in order. Any thoughts on this folks?
  8. Cant get list

    Well I thought about that, but the client had grabbed the ip.
  9. Cant get list

    Well, the problem with the file list seems to have backed off, but, here is something interesting if any of you followed the saga of the direct connect and IP updater. After getting the client to work in active mode by just using my no-ip to hold my ip and using default in favorite hubs and no ip in the connection window.....Well, I went back to using direct connect and putting my connection IP in the window...The thing started working again, and my TCP connection is back....go figure huh? I am starting to wonder if it may not be my router.
  10. DC++ 0.709.1 Released !

    Hey guys ...forgive me for asking this... But just what is the difference between NMDC and ADC I would be glad to give it a try. I use Ynhub now for my hub software and it has been a greta work horse. What happens if I switch over, does the same clients that are now in use still function well on ADC? And what about right click text commands, are they easy to write as they are with Yn? Sorry if I am behind times with these questions, but I am, as the name implies ...Old.
  11. IP Updater

    You may be right on the router thing. I noticed mine did a strange thing to me when I had to take over hosting on my side this morning. It was as if the port had died or something, so I ended up doing the same thing you did. I use a Linksys router, and it does have known issues with torrents, but so far has been great with dc.
  12. IP Updater

    Heres a suggestion that I am sure would be way to complicated and resource eating to be feasible, but it sure would be a sweet one. What if, in the perfect client there would be a function that would auto check your IP address & update said IP in settings, as well as in the favorite hubs properties? I know, I know it's frivolous, but ...Hey what the heck! If you live with a ISP such as mine where the IP address tends to change like a dirty T-shirt someday s, you think of all kinds of things.
  13. IP Updater

    Hey just a update on this ongoing thing I have been dragging out....this morning I had a hell of a time with my ISP and had to reconfig all my network connections....So I thought what the hell I unchecked the direct connect tab and took out the IP address in favorite hubs and Lo and behold it worked fine, everything is active. Thanks for letting me toss this around, don't have a clue what changed, but hey, it works so I ain't messin with it....thanks satan and everyone else.
  14. IP Updater

    Ok I got that port scanner...All my ports checkout fine.....Ya know this is not a issue specific to me though. It has been my experience, in order to help other using apex on my hub, it has been the case of setting that IP address in the favorite hub direct connect window, in order to go active. So I kind of wonder if maybe it is a hub software related thing...I use ynhub to run our hub, but I can't see how that could be. thanks for all your feed back though. Like I say it is no big deal, but it is one of those little nagging things that ya just can't leave alone...lol
  15. IP Updater

    Yeah it is a funny one Satan....But I think my port forwarding is ok...I have both tcp and udp open to port 7777....they are the same in the client and router....I wondered at one time if it was my router, because it is a bit flaky on torrents...But I can't see why it would have a hard time with apex, when everything else is stable.
  16. IP Updater

    yeah I don't understand it either. But if I don't fill in the ip address in fav. hubs I will get a false active and will not be able to connect to a passive user, and it seems to be the case with all of our apex users on our hub. Let me ask you this...In settings/connection......the client updates the IP right, then you have the network interface for all connections window in the top right. I have found it works best for me if I use my static router assigned IP address...192.168.x.x . But I cannot not go completely active until I check direct connect and enter the ip in the fav hubs. I am also running the hub on a separate server. via remote . I think I may have tried every angle of setting this up, but that is what seems to work best for me as well as others using apex on the hub, at least this has been the way we have corrected the active problem. But ya know how thats how it goes, there has to be something I/ we are missing.
  17. IP Updater

    yep....I use a dynamic service very similar to DyNs, to hold or maintainin the IP, keeping the ip is not the (problem) if it can be called that. at our hub we try to get everyone on a active connection, in order to maintain an active setting you need to keep the ip address current in favorite hubs...direct connect, plus the current ip...My Isp will change a IP on me as high as 5 times a day. so, the client keeps the ip current, as well as my no-ip, but it does not auto update in the favorite hub setting. like I stated before it is no big deal, you just have to keep an eye on it, and whenever your unable to connect to a passive user, you know it is time to update that IP.
  18. IP Updater

    that would work for me. Although apex does up the ip address in the settings, it is the favhubs that gets missed, and that may not affect most users. ut if you are trying to keep everything in active mode and direct connect to the hub, it can be a pain in the butt on some days when your primo ISP changes your IP every couple of hours.
  19. Direct connection and dynamic ip

    simple, ....because it will not enter the information for you....Anytime an IP address changes, your IP will not change in your settings tab, unless you restart the client. Unless you happen to notice it has changed through DynDNS.....However you still have to change the IP in your direct connect window in Fav windows, because it will not auto update....If the IP Changes while you are not around your PC then you will find yourself in a passive mode. The reason, why it has to be entered into the Fav Hub. direct connect window is because....speaking for myself , the client will not function in the active mode unless you do enter the correct ip there. And I have been using Apex since it was it was peer web....I find this to be one of the major causes for a user not being Active in my hub, even though they have a correct ip address entered in the settings tab.
  20. Direct connection and dynamic ip

    This topic has been started a few times in Feature request......I understand what he is saying though. As I sated in other strings on this topic. It's not an issue whether Apex updates the IP or not in the settings, or even using a updater suck as no-ip. The issue if thats what it can be called is that it does not change the ip address complete for each hub, in the direct connect tab in your favorite hubs. It is not a bug, your correct, it is a feature that could make thing easier. I have an ISP that will frequently change sometimes as high as 4 or 5 times a day, if the isp, is having issues. no-ip will change along with it, but you still have to go back and type that new IP address in the direct connect window in fav. hubs, as well as check the IP link in your connections. This is no bigee I guess if you don't have to be in active mode to share completely with others, but in order to be active, the IP's do have to be correct and it's just a pain in the keester to constantly monitoring your ip address.
  21. Direct connection and dynamic ip

    I think what he is saying though is that you still have to re-enter the IP into your settings, as well as in favorite hubs. Even if you have the client set to update on start up, you have to make the changes in Fav hub settings, although it will auto update in settings. I use a ip updater, to monitor my ip adress as well as hold a domain, but I still have to be on the watch for a change and make sure that the address is current throughout the client.
  22. Ghost remover

    How hard would be to implement a ghost user detector?......does it have to be on the hub side or can it be done through the client?
  23. Ghost remover

    Yep this is the problem you can run into on a hub sometimes. A user will show being connected when in fact they are not and may be trying to get back in the hub and can't because the user name is taken. This may be a problem that can only be taken care of through the hub software....That is why I posed the question. I have used DDch hub software for a short time, and it had a ghost remover function built into the commands, but that software is a Vb script operation and I'm not a Vb kinda guy, so I switched to Ynhub, and it does not have that function, so I was just wondering if this is something that can also be worked in from the client side in the OP commands. After all....It's Apex and it's the best out there right?
  24. IP Updater

    yes I use no-ip as an updater, the issue ....if thats what it can be called, is that when the ip does change, your not always there to catch it. I guess what I was thinking of is something that would detect the ip change and just auto update the settings in the client automatically. But like you say it is not a real high priority thing, just a nifty little gadget for us lazy Old Guys that sit around all day and think up stuff.....lol
  25. LAN IP

    wow, I'm sorry I didn't read this and sorry I duplicated basically the same request. That would be a great feature, esp if it updated both in the settings as well as fav. hubs.