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  1. Lee, thanks for the response. I appreciate, and support, your concern regarding the facilitation of less than full sharing. Unfortunately, that practice is already easily accomplished globally via the existing share tree selection. So, I'm not convinced that you are accomplishing that much by not implementing the proposed feature. Now please consider this scenario. A user regularly visits movie, music, software, etc. hubs. Some of these hubs have very stringent rules as to what can and can not be shared and some are very lax in this regard. Before logging on to a strict hub, the user must purge their share of banned materials. This purge can only be accomplished by either by moving files or by modifying the share tree. Neither of these options is convenient or practical, and has the potential of messing with the hash. Now add the fact that if the user fails to un-share any contraband files, they face the threat of being banned, possibly permanently! Owing to the fact that globally minimizing one's share is already easily accomplished, I fail to see where the proposed feature makes that practice any more likely. Alternatively, implementing the proposed feature carries real benefits and conveniences for the ApexDC++ community. Respectfully JoeP
  2. Satan, Thank you for the straight-forward (no BS, no ego) response. Sorry to have posted on an already long-standing feature request. Also, sorry to hear that it isn't likely to be coded anytime soon.
  3. If a particular hub that I am connected to specializes in software, I might wish to hide materials pertaining to music or movies, etc. Functionally, I am seeking a per hub share tree. Note: This is at the directory level, not at the file level. Thanks