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  1. Downloads slowly deteriorating

    Tried different ports at different times. All forwarded and tested OK but same thing happens.
  2. Downloads slowly deteriorating

    Hi, Can anybody explain why my download speeds are slowly deteriorating? When I get connected to new downloads the speed intially is very good. Then slowly the speed goes down and eventually the connection is closed. After a while I am reconnected at good speed but then again speed goes down. This happens on all my downloads not just only one. Explanation please?
  3. Upgrade 0.4.0 to 1.1.0

    After upgrading I can no longer "Start hubs minimized" and all windows start maximized. After choosing "Cascade" windows are rearranged but new windows are still started maximized. In version 0.4.0 all windows stayed cascaded. How to get the old settings and behavior back?
  4. connecting problem

    Just started using ApexDC 0.40 and have the same problem as expressed in this old thread. Any port number I try, so far 15+ and port forward them on both TCP and UDP I only get UDP pass when checking connection, TCP always fail! My firewall is turned off during these tests. So why is it not possible to get the TCP connection right? Can it have something to do with my ISP? Read all the guides at this forum and tried to follow them to the point.