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  1. TTH Inconsistency apexDC++

    ApexDC Version: 1.3.4 Problem: By downloading LAN between two customers apex, sometimes leaves the following error: TTH Inconsistency If we give "force attempt" Keep downloading and after a while to download again gives the same message: TTH Inconsistency The "hash" I just did, is recent and seemingly without problems (because from other posts apparently DC + + work correctly) Sorry for my English by a translator SeYeCa
  2. New beta testers

    I try to verify the program in a lan party (+ 100 people in local area network) and a server with 15TB. Sorry for my English (translator)
  3. 1.2 Development Update

    Good job. That everything continues forward
  4. speed limiter

    First of all apologize for sending the text with a translator, since I do not know English. Normally in the partys Spain are servers direct connect, and always advise people to use the DC + +, despite the fact that I use the Apexdc (which I like much more), but I would advise the other post I see several problems . The problem I see in the current version has speed limiters, which just this is a problem for us, because the idea is that the program has no limit. Hung more typically keep the program (I am finding out the reason ..). There is no translation to English (although this is something that no Spanish has been with that and not the program), but it is not important. Despite that closes the program (on the desktop disappears), has not been closed entirely since it still appears in the task manager. If reicicias computer with the program open, you can lose your index file and the download queue. Of all the problems, the concerns me most is the first (the speed), as this would be important to make this program a lot more. A greeting SeYeCa
  5. Spanish Language

    Please make Spanish Language! Thx