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  1. Released: 1.4.2... country flags are back! Lee can you update the Download link?
  2. Forums upgraded to IPB 3.0

    the new forum looks nice thanks for you :blushing:
  3. Fastest Download Speed?

    Yes indeed ! tanks for me for posting for keep it alive
  4. Fastest Download Speed?

    ok this is my speed but i have FTTH and my speed is awsome !:
  5. Problem connecting to hub

    so yes its the ISP fault ! so now im just going to close my hub becuse i have nothing to do with this ! btw my connection is awsome its FTTH and i love it but i wanna thank you and Lee for the help. so adios
  6. Show us your desktop

    this is mine simply desktop :)
  7. Problem connecting to hub

    yes i know ! but my ISP in iceland is gay i cannot open the port meself i just make an phonecall to the ISP and let they do it ! they have blocked all costumers to open port ! i wish i can burn the ISP lol
  8. Problem connecting to hub

    well i dont know what is wrong with my connection to my hub! maby its an error in my network or jus this TSL port ! i dont wanna use this damm port !
  9. Problem connecting to hub

    jahooo im now connected to the hub with a differend Dc client the client is Called DC++ and is the fine to me but im still using apexdc for downloading :)
  10. Problem connecting to hub

    but isn't tls only used for client to client communication?
  11. Problem connecting to hub

    ok i started using StrongDC for my hub and Apexdc for downloadl :)
  12. Problem connecting to hub

    yes the port is ok but i cannot connect :)
  13. Problem connecting to hub

    i dont wanna write becuse im not good in typing in english ! so i upload a pics to show you if you can see in this 2 pics that i can to my hub with 0,4,0 but in 1,2,1 i can no connecting it i hope that somone can give me an hint to help me fix it ! Edit: sorry i named the topic Probelm to connect my hub using 0,4,0 but the probelm is 1,2,1 but not 0,4,0 lol
  14. ApexDC++ 0.4.0 force closing problem

    yes but i cannot connect to my hub when im using 1,2,1 but i can connect it when im using 0,4,0
  15. I can not understand. What can I do?

    i have this problem to but i dont wanna upgrade to 1,2,1 becuse there are many connection bugs in 1,2,1 and when i upgrade to 1,2,1 all my download quie is lost and i dont wanna look at the 1,2,1 becuse of this