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  1. [Resolved] Import download queue from DC++

    I was afraid to lose my partial downloads so I backed up my Incomplete folder, copied queue.xml from DC++ to ApexDC++ and it worked Thanks !
  2. I've used DC++ for some time now and just recently tried ApexDC++. I think it's quite good, but my download queue in DC++ is still quite full and since I don't want to search for all those downloads again by hand in ApexDC++, I'm a bit stuck with DC++. It would be nice if there was some import option. Of course this could also be applied to other things (favorite hubs/users, connection settings, TTH info, etc...)
  3. Compiling ApexDC++

    I've tried all the links for STLPort and WTL but they are all broken... Can anyone please publish good links ? In fact, I don't see why not putting STLPort and WTL with the rest of ApexDC++ source, since anyone downloading ApexDC++ source would probably want to compile ApexDC++, and for that he/she will need those packeges... Also, If someone would want to compile an old version of ApexDC++ (for some unknown reason), It would be difficult for him/her to know which version of STLPort and WTL to use - I could not find documentation about the mapping connecting ApexDC++ versions to STLPort and WTL versions. Same goes for some header files one needs to "collect" before compiling (e.g. natupnp.h).