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  1. Released: ApexDC++ 1.3.3

    Thank you all for your hard work on this version and for previous versions. In the past this client has been a boon to hub owners and clients who value their privacy and security. I too am reluctant trust an application which forces me to update or those which check on their status unprompted. while i am happy that the new version gives me the option to delay my decision I would rather make the choice to check for updates myself. Hub owners often use private hubs and are leery of new versions and refuse their use in their hubs. Please consider the concerns raised by those who oppose the current update feature and incorporate the option to opt out of the update feature. I always check for updates via email notification and take seriously those updates offered. A client that is not accepted in hubs is likely to be found out of favor quickly and dropped en-mass.
  2. system mesage window

    the latest versions of dc++ allow a systems messages tab that will display the contents of the system log which is an option i would like to see. i do not like the balloon messages since they are hard to read and usually disappear before i can decipher them. call me slow or just plain old. but it would be nice.
  3. custom share for each fav hub

    heres a winner for a cutting edge option say you are regged in an audio book hub why not share audio books there? the other hub you like is a heavy theme star trek hub your star trek collection there, and yet in the movie hub you share your movies. you get the idea to each his own. that way you can tailor your share to your m8s in your fav hub and keep a lower profile while sharing a larger amount of files in public hubs if that is your thing. each hub you have in the fav tab. you have the option of sharing all or some of your share while if you do not chose this option, the global share is the share they see. i am sure i am not the only one who has wanted this. there are other advantages, some files are forbidden in some hubs and welcomed in others vob files as an example. and the others i will not mention
  4. filelist amnesia

    So far so good i had some instability issues it was running bogged down i think i made a mess of things so i copied the settings and reinstalled it fresh and so far no problems with the file list though i have had one crash. i will let you know if it is still a problem. thanks for the response
  5. filelist amnesia

    has anybody had a problem with the client forgetting where your file list is? this results in not uploading it to other clients when requested and will not allow it to be opened by the "open own list" option. after an install it works fine then after a time... not sure how long, it becomes lost even though if i look in the directory it is there but the system cannot find the path or some similar error msg is shown in the pop up system messages. a reinstall corrects the glitch till the next time. i have just upgraded to the latest beta so hopefully it is corrected. i will update if the problem persists and try to get a screen shot