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  1. Apex und Magnetlink's

    Eyy Teobald, scheinbar bist Du doch hier ein "Vermittler" zwischen "Problemhabern" und "Nichthelfern". Zumindest sobald es den (immerhin) frei erhältlichen Source Code betrifft. Ich habe ja bereits desöfteren kleinere und/oder grö
  2. Search not working

    I think it's no problem in clients. If you use <passive mode> you can search active user, but not other passive user. For use <active mode> you need a TCP port and a UDP port (or one for all). in a router you need 2 or 4 rules to forwarding (NOT triggern !) for TCP + UDP outgoing, and TCP + UDP incoming. In many routers will bind to LAN-IP ! So better to use a fix LAN-IP and NOT **** DHCP (dynamic adress). Sometimes in rules ask for WAN-IP or ports. You can't know which other IPS or ports DC user have, so set to <all>. In lokal firewall one rule for DC-client to alow is enough. Thats all ! Search, browse, connection to passive or active MUST be work. Generell : 5-number ports between 10001 - 65535 are much better to use. No standard-applications use them and for Sniffer are different to find. :thumbsup:
  3. share too small (and it's not)

    The Hub demand min. 10 GB Share ! Put more then 10 GB in Share and you can connect. :)
  4. download queue

    Check column "segments" is visible ! If hide the graphical statusbar can't display and make a error.
  5. Apex und Magnetlink's

    Die Idee hatte ich auch bereits. Mangels Unterstützung der Developer scheitere ich leider bisher im SourceCode. Definiert wird ein Magnet-Link durch Zusammensetzung mehrerer Informationen. xt -> Magnet-Typ & Hash xl -> exakte Grö
  6. Modify MAGNET funktion

    difficult to understand ? ok, some more infos. - strongdc.rc , line 278-298 : IDD_MAGNET DIALOGEX 0, 0, 350, 160 STYLE DS_SETFONT | DS_MODALFRAME | DS_FIXEDSYS | WS_POPUP | WS_CAPTION | WS_SYSMENU CAPTION "Dialog" FONT 8, "MS Shell Dlg", 400, 0, 0x1 BEGIN GROUPBOX "",IDC_STATIC,6,0,337,152 LTEXT "Static",IDC_MAGNET_TEXT,68,14,262,24 LTEXT "Static",IDC_MAGNET_HASH,18,44,40,8 EDITTEXT IDC_MAGNET_DISP_HASH,68,42,262,12,ES_AUTOHSCROLL | ES_READONLY LTEXT "Static",IDC_MAGNET_NAME,18,62,40,8 EDITTEXT IDC_MAGNET_DISP_NAME,68,60,262,12,ES_AUTOHSCROLL | ES_READONLY CONTROL "Radio1",IDC_MAGNET_QUEUE,"Button",BS_AUTORADIOBUTTON | WS_TABSTOP,18,99,252,10 CONTROL "Radio2",IDC_MAGNET_SEARCH,"Button",BS_AUTORADIOBUTTON | WS_TABSTOP,18,111,252,10 CONTROL "Radio3",IDC_MAGNET_NOTHING,"Button",BS_AUTORADIOBUTTON | WS_TABSTOP,18,122,252,11 CONTROL "Check1",IDC_MAGNET_REMEMBER,"Button",BS_AUTO3STATE | WS_TABSTOP,18,135,252,10 DEFPUSHBUTTON "OK",IDOK,280,115,50,14 PUSHBUTTON "Cancel",IDCANCEL,280,131,50,14 ICON IDI_MAGNET,IDC_STATIC,18,15,20,20 LTEXT "Static",IDC_MAGNET_SIZE,18,80,40,8 EDITTEXT IDC_MAGNET_DISP_SIZE,68,78,262,12,ES_AUTOHSCROLL | ES_READONLY END I wish "Radio3" to chance with funktion. IDC_MAGNET_NOTHING will not needed, so will chance it with new funktion like Download to ... or named "Browse ...". So must chance in MagnetDlg.cpp funktion IDC_MAGNET_NOTHING within IDC_BROWSE or other, but don't find IDC_Nothing-if-String. I believe find a funktion in "Winutil.cpp" at lines 1568-1590 : if(!fhash.empty() && Encoder::isBase32(Text::fromT(fhash).c_str())){ // ok, we have a hash, and maybe a filename. if(!BOOLSETTING(MAGNET_ASK) && fsize > 0 && fname.length() > 0) { switch(SETTING(MAGNET_ACTION)) { case SettingsManager::MAGNET_AUTO_DOWNLOAD: try { QueueManager::getInstance()->add(FavoriteManager::getInstance()->getDownloadDirectory(Util::getFileExt(Text::fromT(fname))) + Text::fromT(fname), fsize, TTHValue(Text::fromT(fhash)), UserPtr()); } catch(const Exception& e) { LogManager::getInstance()->message(e.getError()); } break; case SettingsManager::MAGNET_AUTO_SEARCH: SearchFrame::openWindow(fhash, 0, SearchManager::SIZE_DONTCARE, SearchManager::TYPE_TTH); break; }; } else { // use aOverride to force the display of the dialog. used for auto-updating MagnetDlg dlg(fhash, fname, fsize); dlg.DoModal(mainWnd); } } else { MessageBox(mainWnd, CTSTRING(MAGNET_DLG_TEXT_BAD), CTSTRING(MAGNET_DLG_TITLE), MB_OK | MB_ICONEXCLAMATION); } where is define MAGNET_AUTO_DOWNLOAD. But called "Radio1" and MAGNET_AUTO_SEARCH called "Radio2". But nothing to do for "Radio3". BigMuscle MUST understand what i want and CAN help, so he will. :)
  7. Modify MAGNET funktion

    Hello, is it possible to modify one magnet-funktion and how ? The third Radiobutton in the magnet-dialog is "do_nothing". I want to chance this with "download_to" popup window. Better Radiobutton 1 = "Download" (to current downloadDir) Radiobutton 2 = "Download to ..." (popup windows to select) Radiobutton 3 = "Search" Can anybody help please ? :P
  8. Where is TOOLBAR_POSSIBLE ?

    Hello, i need some help. I want to modify the Toolbar with a funktion "open_own_userlist", but don't find a list of the "toolbar_possible". In "toolbar20.png" are 26 Icons. I've always modified to 27 Icons within Icon 25 from "toolbar.png" for "IDC_OPEN_MY_LIST" funktion. In "settingsManager.cpp" in string " setDefault(TOOLBAR, "3,1,-1,26,23,-1,4,-1,6,7,8,9,-1,10,11,12,-1,13,15,-1,21,24,17,-1,19,18");" i can place my 27. Icon for Toolbar. But now my question. Where can or must define which funktion under Button 27 ?? There must be a list of toolbar_possible to define Button 0 -26(7) funktions, or ? -> 1 more funktion in "toolbar_possible" = need help. Can anybody help please ? :P
  9. Compiling error in 1.0.0 Beta 4

    When i command 2 lines i can compiling without errors. But can't be a solution. "winutil.cpp" line 1961 ff. // Shutdown switch(action) { case 0: { action = EWX_POWEROFF; break; } case 1: { action = EWX_LOGOFF; break; } case 2: { action = EWX_REBOOT; break; } // case 3: { SetSuspendState(false, false, false); return true; } // case 4: { SetSuspendState(true, false, false); return true; } case 5: { if(LOBYTE(LOWORD(GetVersion())) >= 5) { typedef bool (CALLBACK* LPLockWorkStation)(void); LPLockWorkStation _d_LockWorkStation = (LPLockWorkStation)GetProcAddress(LoadLibrary(_T("user32")), "LockWorkStation"); _d_LockWorkStation(); } return true; } } Thanks for no help ! :)
  10. At end of compiling the original Apex 1.0.0 Beta 4 Source i'm become this error : Ressourcen werden kompiliert... Deleting old pdb file... Y:\ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 4\compiled\ApexDC.pdb konnte nicht gefunden werden Verknüpfen... WinUtil.obj : error LNK2001: Nicht aufgelöstes externes Symbol ""unsigned char __stdcall SetSuspendState(unsigned char,unsigned char,unsigned char)" (?SetSuspendState@@YGEEEE@Z)". Y:\ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 4\compiled/ApexDC.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 nicht aufgelöste externe Verweise. I've no idea to correct this error. Anyone a solution ? Need help, please !!!
  11. No Smilies since Beta 4

    Ok, fact is also B4 needs anything after SP2 and not all users used or update absolutly all silly stuffs from Microsoft. In Windows 2k3 is the "effect" too !
  12. No Smilies since Beta 4

    well to you ...... but i'm not supporter and/or tester here, and it seems to me i'm testing extremely more compiling, running client, systems and so on ........ :blink:
  13. No Smilies since Beta 4

    This optical problem to show emotions does not to do with any security-patches. In Beta 4 changes egally "Windows SP2 SDK" to can compile. Ok, so its needs now any actualisation in XP to show emotions, i mean. ..... but which ? :)
  14. No Smilies since Beta 4

    yes, but which of the ~ 100 Patches after SP2 ? ......... that's the question ....... :)
  15. No Smilies since Beta 4

    ok, ok, Guys. Obvious i've installed any Emotion-Packs AND activated TOO, otherwise i CAN'T tell it runs under SP2 within later Patches, isn't it true ? So, i've testet with differ Packs, too ! No reason for the differ Packs ! ... I'm NOT a DAU to using DC-Clients. Belief it, please ! DAU = in german "Dümmster anzunehmender User" ; english : "most stupid user imaginable"