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  1. Downloads Resuming

    Will it search from the original offline user or search for alternates? Which time is set for search? Period. = how much time?
  2. Downloads Resuming

    Hmm, do i also to check "search for alternates" so it starts to download again? How often do i have to do that? Everytime it says user offline? Isn't there an automatic mode like Emule/Sharezaa/Azureus?
  3. Downloads Resuming

    Yes, hubs are already favorites ... but do i have to connect to the hub first, where the users have been? I have 10 to choose from favorites ;-) Thanks for settings ...
  4. Downloads Resuming

    Hi I started yesterday some downloads, today i rebootet my pc and just started ApexDC++, all users are showed offline ... Do I have to reconnect to the correct server again to resume? How do I know which server it has been? Can I force resume somehow?
  5. Showing Foreign Letters in Apex DC++

    I changed at advanced "Deutsch
  6. Showing Foreign Letters in Apex DC++

    Hm, I activated all codepages, rebootet the Pc, still: [21:07:47] <-CORE-> Current date is: 2007-05-06 [21:07:47] <-CORE-> Current time is: 22:28:58 [21:07:47] <-CORE-> Your IP is: [21:07:47] <-CORE-> Our forum is [21:07:47] <-CORE-> Support: [21:07:47] <-CORE-> [21:07:47] <-CORE->
  7. Hello how can i make the foreign letters like russian and chinese visible? They are shown as:
  8. Direc Connect Hosts/Lists

    Hi I am searching for ukrainian and russian direct connect hosts I found, but since last week it stopped working :-( Can somebody recommend some others or a good site for list of hubs of all countries? :lol: