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  1. Share with Folderstructure

    Hi there, I have a question: When I have something like D:/Stuff/Folder1/ D:/Stuff/Folder2/ D:/Stuff/Folder3/ ... I just want to share Folder1 and Folder2, but I want to preserve the Folderstructure, so the share would still be /Stuff/Folder1 and /Stuff/Folder2. Is this possible? I tried to share Folder1 with the Name Stuff/Folder1 and Stuff\Folder1 but it converts the slashe to underscores and not to folder structure... So is it possible without moving files around?
  2. Unable to connect to hub

    I'm trying to connect to a hub from my school. My school doesn't have many open ports, but it does have a few, such as 5190 for AIM and some ports for World of Warcraft. Shouldn't this mean I should be able to successfully connect to any hub I want? Right now I'm trying to connect with "Firewall (passive, worst case)" checked with the port 5190 in the DHT/UDP box with no luck. I've tried a few other things but I was mainly just screwing around with the settings. Didn't really know what I was doing. Any ideas?
  3. Hwq.exe and ApexDC++

    I've analized the file with comodo antivirus, emsisoft antimalware and bitdefender free and it's clean, but I've never download apexdc, but the date this file was created was the same as the one when I download a keygen which didn't open anything when clicked on it, that's why I think it's a virus... So...the file doen's have anything to do with apexdc? virustotal says.... http://www.virustotal.com/es/analisis/7fc27fb436d9811832a7fe55ed1b6eadb14f0531aa10ee9a29ce481bb1c5c443-1280331587 with the info of virus total, nod32 says that it's a virus, so I believe it's not really and apexdc file...
  4. Hwq.exe and ApexDC++

    Hi: I've a problem with apexdc++, which i've never download or install...when the antivirus shows up the hwq.exe was the first time I see anything about apexdc++...so..is hwq.exe a file from this program?it was in C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Temp thanks!!!
  5. Looking to Throttle Upload + Download

    That still doesn't explain why setting it to "9000" throttles it to 4 MiB/s. What on earth should I put in the box to get it to throttle it to 9 MiB/s?
  6. Looking to Throttle Upload + Download

    It doesn't work. If I put "9000" in both the Upload and Download boxes, my download slows to exactly 4.00 MiB/s. If I put "9000" for Download and "9999999999" in Upload (which gets rounded to "2147483647" in Upload), the download stays at exactly 4.00 MiB/s. If I put "99999999999999" in both the Upload and the Download boxes (both of which get rounded to "2147483641"), the download actually stops completely. When I disable limits, the download jumps back up to 13.xx MiB/s. I'm running Windows 7 64-Bit, and I'm not uploading anything at all. And I'm only downloading one file, as a test.
  7. Looking to Throttle Upload + Download

    I'm sorry. That was a comma, not a period, and I included it here only I am American. When I insert "9000" in the box, the download speed suddenly drops to about 3.5 MB/s. I still don't understand.
  8. Looking to Throttle Upload + Download

    I found that, but I couldn't find any combination of numbers that work. I start a download. It's downloading at 10meg, which is great, but it's saturated my line, and I can't do anything else. When I put "9,216" in the "Upload Speed" and "Download Speed" boxes, the download slows down to like three and a half meg. If it's something as simple as a unit conversion, I beg someone to enlighten me. Additionally, does that even do what I want? If I individually limited upload and download to 9 meg, wouldn't the sum of the two still saturate the line? ((This question might betray my lack of knowledge about how networking works)).
  9. I am on a 10meg line, and am looking to throttle ApexDC++'s upload+download total to 9meg to keep from saturating the line. I, for the life of me, cannot find the right configuration options to make this happen. Please help. Thanks.
  10. appearing 0 SHARE always

    no matter how much i do share i appear in the list with zero share at all the h also im using a wifi connection is there anything that i should change in the settings,obviously something is wrong,im a beginner....any suggestions?thanks
  11. Web Interface

    How do I use the web interface? It seems it's not listening on the port I set.
  12. What do one have to do...

    Actually last time i came to this forum (when i typed the text above) i actually thought there was some hope left for this community i realized however that my lentghy posts here means nothing. This project and community is dead and its almost singlehandedly becouse of the devs here. Lets face it. ApexDC++ is nothing more than a StrongDC clone. They cant even add feautures themselves but must wait for upcoming strong version. When asked what difference there really is, other than skin, you get no response (or a ridiculus answer stating new feautures that makes you think its little childs doing this mod). This is no mod peoples, It's like StrongDC with smiley packs.... And StrongDC by itself has been a dead project since a very long time ago, when the developer lost all grip of what spirit lies in filesharing, and the community as a whole. Given that he also seems to run the place around here only makes it worse. This is a shame indeed but until someone steps up and changes things around with some other mod, that maybe get a community going, its not going to change. To Apex devs: you really digged your graves on this one... i wish you should look around the forums (espacially future requests section) and see what this place actually became. And learn from it. I had MUCH higher hopes for this mod when it emerged so long ago. Well thats it for me funny coming back here after all this time tho oh and... I seriously doubt that my friend id be extremely surprised if he wasnt a very lonely person...
  13. connection ok but can't search

    same problem / fix on the connection test tcp was the only one not connecting so i only fowareded the tcp port and left the udp unchanged , after than i couldent search hubs either went back fowared the udp port worked fine after that
  14. Minor issue with scrolling

    Hello, I'm running ApexDC++ 1.1.0 on wine (1.1.5) on Fedora 8. It works flawlessly except with scrolling which I'm not sure is a problem because of running it in wine or if it's a "feature." When the users are chatting, the scrollbar automatically scrolls UP a few lines, so either I have to clear the window after every few lines or else scroll down each time someone types something. Is this a known issue?
  15. What do one have to do...

    Weird and a little bit funny. A developer of such a an application with no innovation thoughts whatsoever? :(