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  1. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    stop this. iranmaster is noob. p2p is for sharing. he's not sharing. 1 slot isn't sharing. he thinks that p2p is only for him to download and to play god with who gonna dl from him. the Q that I ask is WHY THE HELL IGNORING USERS STILL DOESN'T WORK. in diablo hub there is one user that pops up with some stupid spam and is in ignore list but still pops up why is this. how much time is needed for this function to work I posted report for this like 2 months before and still no answer old versions has it working
  2. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    well let's get to the topic. why ignore user still don't work i placed a nick in the list and he still pops up with a spam
  3. Ignores don't stick?

    Ignores just stay in the list but spam msgs are still received every time I connect to the hub. Dunno if this is bug but I hope it will be fixed soon. It worked perfect in 0.4
  4. Memory problem

    want to know is there any problem with the memory usage. I'm in 1 hub (460 users) and program is using from 4MB to ~40MB of RAM. Then back to 4. It gets up to 100-120MB in time when I'm in 10 hubs with ~20000 users total