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  1. Did Team Elite win?

    The list of your projects is impressive, I admit. However, the list of projects you either hacked or killed is even bigger: - YnHub - hacked, exploited and killed by Team Elite - - killed by Team Elite - & - killed by Team Elite - Global OPHUB - killed by Team Elite - Many hubs and network - hacked, users were stolen by Team Elite - Different teams that didn't like your way (including mine) - killed by Team Elite - Some high profile websites (according to Wikipedia) were also hacked by Team Elite - Many other projects/groups were harmed by Team Elite You might be great at programming but you simply cannot deny that you take what you want and judging by how things are on DC right now, you took it over and now you own it. DC-related forums have registered TE members and nobody even cares now (or is maybe too afraid to speak up?). This shows how quickly people can forget that you were terrorizing this community for the past 15 years. Regards, AcidVirus a.k.a. AnOldFriend
  2. Did Team Elite win?

    Hello Old Friends, It seems Team Elite won as they own now the biggest hublist and are developing three hubsofts and have more alive DC++ related projects than the DC++ devs themselves. Why are you allowing these hackers to stay on-line? I am so glad I left DC++ a long time ago. An Old Friend Of DC++