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  1. Need to extend DC protocol in client.

    Client1 > $MyNick User1

    Client2 > $MyNick User2



    Client1 > $Key [Key]

    Client2 > $Key [Key]

    Client1 > $Supports DirectChat

    Client2 > $Supports DirectChat

    Client1 > $DirectChat

    Client2 > $DirectChat Ready

    Client1 > <User1> Hi!

    Client2 > <User2> Heloo!

  2. that's just not how the dc++ protocol works, there needs to be a central hub to coordinate all the stuff between users

    After fall of main hab. First client in list become a new hab. And all else clients connect to him. If client do not can get access to main Hab, he can connect to the one of hab clients as to new hab. And get access through him. Of course if client give him access.

    And what about ather idias?

  3. I am from Russia. (It's about my English)

    Let users can replace main hab if its dont avalible. Thats protect net. If net dont work fine. Users still be online. And wil see athers ho avalible.

    And i want to share FTP Resurses from other computer through my.


    I Show

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>

    <FileListing Version="1" CID="ID" Base="/" Generator="DC++ 0.698">

    <Directory Name="Music">

    <File Name="Cool.mp3" Size="100" TTH="A"/>


    <Author Value="Name"/>

    <Album Value="Som Album"/>

    <Text lang="EN">





    <Data Name="ClearMP3DataWithoutID3Tag" Start="10" Size="90" TTH="B">





    Info may use for serch and for list.

    If i change ID3 Tag, ClearMP3Data will not change and it part of file can dowload ather users hwo starts download ather copy of this file.

    Sorry if you can't anderstand me.