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  1. Can't download a certain file list

    I would Open your settings on your Client and make sure that your Client is Deleting File Listed on Exit. This way you won't have to worry about it being able to open an old list. Also you can find the store directory on your computer and delete them yourself.
  2. IP Problems - Automatic Change

    My brother is running a Linksys Router on his connection and he does not have any problems. I am going to borrow his and see if this will help.
  3. IP Problems - Automatic Change

    Hi Again, When I woke up this morning, the same thing had happened. I turned off my Firewall and I loaded DynDNS yesterday. When I opened DynDNS this morning to see what had happened, this is what it said; 05-06-08 00:02:28 - Unable to determine WAN IP. Can't update. 05-06-08 01:22:41 - Unable to determine WAN IP. Can't update. 05-06-08 03:43:10 - Unable to determine WAN IP. Can't update. I tried to force a refresh of my IP and it said I was not connected to Internet. So I unplugged my Ethernet and plugged it back in and all went back to working. Any other ideas? Thanks, Joshua
  4. IP Problems - Automatic Change

    OK - I thought I had my Windows Firewall already disabled but I checked and it wasn't. So I will try that and also I will look for DynDns. I will know tonight if it worked. Thanks, Joshua
  5. IP Problems - Automatic Change

    Hi again - I finally convinced my ISP to stop blocking me. I told them that I was going to leave and search for a new ISP. After two weeks of warnings, the boss man finally called me and pretended to look at my connection, made some changes, and everything went back to working. But now I have another problem! Is there a program that will automatically change my IP address? I know there are programs that do this when you click on them but I need one that would do this in the middle of the night. I learned from my ISP that currently they have way oversold their bandwidth and I would assume this is why they tried to stop me from using any P2P clients. But now that they have given me access back, I download at night but something happens to my IP address and it stops. In the morning I usually have to unplug my Ethernet Cable from the wall or Reboot my system. Is there anything that will do this automatically? Thanks, Joshua
  6. Cannot Download in Any Mode

    Hi - No router on my computer. Not to sound proud but I don't think there is much room for error on my part. When it stopped working for me in Feb, it happened over night and I did nothing. BUT I took my same computer over to my brothers house and plugged it in exactly the same as here. It's a direct connection into the wall. So same computer and same connection means it's something being done by my ISP. Joshua
  7. ApexDC does not remember whom I gave EXTRASLOTS

    Hello GGG - Some time ago I had this same problem but it was only when I RIGHT clicked on a user from the user lists. If I added the user to my Favorite Users Lists and then gave him an Auto Slot, they had no problem after that.
  8. Cannot Download in Any Mode

    I sent them an email yesterday and told them I want my service unhindered by the end of the month or I am leaving. Since I am also not able to work on the websites I have been asked to do, I need to have a good working Internet service. No reason to pay for something that does not work. Thank you again for your time!
  9. Cannot Download in Any Mode

    Hello Again - Just a follow up. I just got back from my brother's house a few minutes ago. He lives about a 1/4 of a mile from here and he is on the same ISP. I took my notebook over and tried Bit Comet and I was able to get a yellow light and download files at about 100kb. But I brought it straight home and my status was Unknown. So I would gather that my ISP is just blocking me. Joshua
  10. Cannot Download in Any Mode

    Apps are not a problem for me to find as they are as coming as the DC or Torrent clients. But if there were some known good FTP addresses I would be very grateful for these. I have tried a few but it was a bigger pain than not downloading at all.
  11. Cannot Download in Any Mode

    Well I was just thinking. that they would watch the people using large amounts of data. My ISP is not very big and so it would be easy for them to see who does what.
  12. Cannot Download in Any Mode

    Oh one more question, can an ISP block just one user and not another from downloading?
  13. Cannot Download in Any Mode

    OK! Thank you very much anyway! Cheers, Joshua
  14. Cannot Download in Any Mode

    OK - I tried that and nothing has happened. I do find it strange that I can search but when I try to download nothing happens. Anyway, thanks for your help! Joshua
  15. Cannot Download in Any Mode

    So if they are blocking it, even "Extreme Passive Mode" will not allow me to download? I have made so many phone calls already to this guy and sent them a bunch of emails I am just tired of it. At this point I am more tempted to change ISPs. But I also am curious, is there any other sources for downloading movies and such that is not P2P? While I was in Europe for a while, my ISP over there had a really great FTP server that I could download just about anything I wanted. But I have not been able to find any good FTPs here. And what do you mean by this? "I assume you have tried with checks on "Send garbage on incoming/outgoing connections"?" Joshua