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  1. Today in "Windows Defender Antivirus" it finds a threat in Apex 1.6.4. The reported Trojan is " Win32/Clavior.G!cl" Windows Defender wants to delete it. Please advice what to do! have attached a picture from Windows Defender. It says that the program (ApexDc++ 16.4) is dangerous.
  2. Windows Defender found threat

    I downloaded from this site. If I get further problems I will try the slim Package instread. What is difference between the slim package compared to the installer package?
  3. Windows Defender found threat

    Thanks for the answer. Windows defender still get me nowhere in installing Apex 1.6.4. I needed to excelude the folder where ApexDC++ is installed to get everything up and running. There should be no infection on my machine . Hopefully. Checked also with Malwarebytes. ApexDC++ is the only one causing problems.
  4. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    Ok thanks. Downloaded 1.6.2 and now it works great again with uploads and downloads.
  5. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    It's the new client, 1.6.3, that has started to make this problem. The install was for me no problem as I run Win10. I have tried to find the 1.6.2, but can't find it. I agree with you. At the moment one shouldn't update
  6. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    I have similar problems as Timbre4 with Connection Closed when I try to download a file from an other user. It disconnects from the other user after a second. I have used ApexDc+ for many years and this started to happen after the last update to 1.6.3. I run Win10. Very strange.