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  1. Thanks for the answer.  Windows defender still get me nowhere in installing Apex 1.6.4. 

    I needed to excelude the folder where ApexDC++ is installed to get everything up and running. 

    There should be no infection on my machine . Hopefully. Checked also with Malwarebytes. ApexDC++ is the only one causing problems.


  2. Today in "Windows Defender Antivirus" it finds a threat in Apex 1.6.4. The reported Trojan is " Win32/Clavior.G!cl"

    Windows Defender wants to delete it. Please advice what to do!

    have attached a picture from Windows Defender. It says that the program (ApexDc++ 16.4) is dangerous.


  3. I have similar problems as Timbre4 with Connection Closed when I try to download a file from an other user.  It disconnects from the other user after a second.

    I have used ApexDc+ for many years and this started to happen after the last update to 1.6.3. I run Win10.

    Very strange.