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  1. Thats what i ment, properties shows another raw set as screen, when action raw changed, saved screen jumps to the wrong one, seems the old bug is back or never fixed.
  2. What are the benefits to registering?

    To be a registered member, i need to pass a security check, but nothing shows up? How to create a new account?
  3. Another minor bug.. setting properties on a line in ADL results in wrong Action showing up in that line, properties of the line stays as set, but screen seems to make a miscount.
  4. Uploading Files Disappears

  5. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    Plz remove this piece of crap from your site, users are still upgrading to this ****.
  6. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    another one, is it the updating or the client itself making problems.. users will be kicked and or banned for it, my advise: Don't update!
  7. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    Perhaps my client didn't need to be updated.. they recognized the NMDC exploit even before Apex developers ever heard about it..but thats off-topic. My post is in the proper section, I mentioned the "latest client".. why should it be unclear?
  8. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    Same issue on 2 users with latest client, I'm using RSX and Zion for years now and never seen this problem anywere, so don't yell it's my client giving trouble, it's yours. Perhaps this helps you finding the error.. User Godslink - Too large filelist - 24,56 Mb for the specified share of 5,39 Tb, connection ending with SSL error 5.. After using the browse userslist funcion I get a near empty list and trying to open it using winrar I get this: ! C:\rsxpp_1.21_64bit\Settings\FileLists\Godslink.YOJ66JON4XL2RYDORQ7DMITR34OQ4YIPJKQXXZI.xml.bz2: Unexpected end of archive. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to post users list inhere :S