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  1. Linux Project Development

    Hi I have been looked into this code already and the main problem with THIS is ObjectC code with some strong dependencies on macOS X. I do not know ObjectC at least it can be compiled gcc has support of Object C but still all GUI code is not usable for not mac os users. And last problem is building. It uses some "project" files like visual C projects so we can not compile and run it to check is it work. IMHO this is not a good start point .
  2. Linux Project Development

    that's right file create/access stuff must be rewritten Why GTK is planned as GUI framework? Why not use QT? In case of QT it could be cross platform in future ... with shared codebase. I do not like having two source tree for one application. One more comment I do not realy see any reason to use python make (scons) it introduces new dependency may be it is better migrate to autotools (autoconf/automake). I this case people who wants install apexDC++ do not need having python/scons installed. I can autotoolize package :D
  3. Linux Project Development

    I can help to port network code but I need some things 1, access to cvs/svn server where code is 2. a contact with person who knows DC stuff and can answer on my question about DC protocol and other 3. tips how to check that ported code not just compiled but works.... My first question can dc client works without gui? can we check that it's work before gui is ported? BR
  4. Linux Project Development

    Hi all I have a little interest in DC++ working on linux so I think I can help in part of network code I am not a GUI man I've got tarball and have a look into ... :stuart: Is it compiled on Windowz? about client/FileChunksInfo.cpp:40: error: operands to ?: have different types commenting out this line is bad idea it must return pointer to FileChunksInfo::Ptr