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  1. So, i've been using DC since the old Neo Modus, however for the last 1½ year or so i've taken a break from it, using other things. Recently I decided to use it again, and instead of using just DC++ I decided to try ApexDC++ as the multi source download seemed very attractive to me. Then for some time I got surprised on how so few people actually have any spots open, and i've been wondering it about it for some time now. Then today I looked at what sources I was downloading from, and saw this: No wonder if im having such a hard time finding people with open slots, of course not everyone uses Apex, or any other multi source DC client (im not aware of that many of em), but just on this thing im occupying 4 slots from one guy. Im interested what others opinion is, personally I love multisource downloading, I was waiting for something like that forever in DC++, but with situation like this it kinda makes it a win-loose thing with the way DC works.