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  1. Since I'm doing this from a mobile phone I'll keep it short.

    Merging with another project is a major decision to make and it isn't an easy one either. Also linuxdcpp as a project has different goals from us and also seniority... so it really is not in our place to go suggesting such thing.

    so you will develop a weel again? Then we will develop a bike. :(

    It's a very big job!!! To much time. New expereance, new bugs and new logic...

  2. Due to the recent ...

    Could you merge with linuxdc?! Please! They work with DC core. And they work and think as your team!


    Also there is a FreeDC http://code.google.com/p/freedcpp/ linuxdc based.

  3. And should I replace the English words, or write behind the lines?

    Please some more explanation...maybe a screen shot / or example.

    Keep the beginning tag (<??????>) and the ending (</??????>). You should replace only the text between the tags like:

    <Beginning ???="???">Beginning</Beginning>  -->> <Beginning ???="???">Начало</Beginning>

  4. I signed up to translate to Dutch. Anyone already began to translate? I begin this weekend.

    I need to know how to edit and save the translation. I think it is done in one day.

    This weekend it will be ready. Please someone help before I can start.

    Translation file is a textfile maked with extendable markup language (xml). Encoding is utf-8.

    Oh, people! Could you post an english xml, please?

  5. It's not important.

    But it can be great if I can rightclick the nick and choose the "get user posts" and client then open a new tab where will be all %userNI% posts, kept in that chat tab, where was right click. It can be made as writing all posts needed to a text file and opening that file in a new tab.


    ps. It's less than not important it's just comfortable at times.

    pps Happy new year!

    ppps I use 1.2b - it's great. I had no crashes all time I use it. Thank you.

  6. http://dcpp.wordpress.com/2007/10/02/nmdcs...ient-handshake/


    a simular system for nmdc must be made so this can work

    and since users insist of using nmdc instead of adc then the user must suffer the drawbacks of the protocol

    but if the getCID protocol for nmdc can be updated to detect CID in nmdc this might change but still for what use ?

    trying to prolong the nmdc lifespan with all its drawbacks is that really a noble cause ?

    OK :shifty:

    You can read Big Muscul posts above :) He have already thought about some ways :yahhooo:

  7. To prevent the questions: My ISP uses the PPTP to share the Internet. If I have no routes sat and make up the PPTP, the tunnel is unstable and slow, no connectivity to the LAN, DNS requests are slow. IF I USE ROUTES, THERE IS 50-70 Mbits/s AVERAGE DOWNLOAD DC++ SPEED IN LAN!!! UPLOAD SPEED IS UP TO 95 Mbits/s.

    The attached version is 12.0.2

    Many ISPs use additional connections like ppp, pppoe, IPSec tunnels. So there is routing table tune is needed to prevent downloading through the tunnels because of the automated ' mask through the PPP gateway' route adding.

    If you need LAN you should use ' route' or ' route'. This makes operating system use your LAN connection but the tunnels.

    All of used routes got with RFCs:

    https://www.nic.ru/whois/en/?query= - http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1918.html

    and others...

    Also there can be your own LAN routes (like for me. Those addresses are routable through my ISP LAN - name servers, ISP sites, ISP DC, VoIP, torrent and other stuff servers). So you can post your additions here but you should use the PM.


    1) I need to watch your cmd output after 'nslookup .' command line execution. (Yes, there is a dot. The dot is the root of the national domain zones)

    2) I need the destination address, mask and metric for this route like ' 1' or ' metric 1'

    3) Post this data to my PM (the best way), to this tread (deprecated way).


    1) Full: Win 2k/XP any SP 32bit

    2) Partially: Vista and Server 2008 32bit - if you pass through the idiot defence system, the routes will be sat.

    3) Not tested: Win 9x/ME/NT, 64bit

    4) Not tested: posix systems through the Wine to watch the script abilities - but the routes won't be added.


    1) Vista/Server 2008 - I hope someone will help me to pass through the idiot Vista defence - idea or the CMD code.

    2) That can be great if you patch or graduate the script - use PM to merge.

    3) Win9x - does it work under the Win 9x/ME/NT4???

    4) Other versions of the Windows


    - 12.0.2: LAN gateway addresses are marked now as LAN (for example, - any address from

    - 12.0.1: bugfix: gateway addresses are all shown now. Not only the last from ipconfig output.

    - 12.0.0: the code is rewritten throughout. More automated and more reliable.

    - 10.0.29: there it Bulgarian language now.

    - 10.0.28: the dinamic menu key grabber is rewritten with assembler and the IPv6 check is also rewritten.

    This script comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; view the http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html for details. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; view the http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html for details.


  8. Code: c0000005 (Access violation)

    Version: 1.1.0 (Jun 10 2008)

    Major: 5

    Minor: 1

    Build: 2600

    SP: 2

    Type: 1

    Time: 2008-08-23 20:43:51


    d:\development\apexdc\final\trunk220\trunk\windows\chatctrl.cpp(780): ChatCtrl::onGetList

    d:\development\apexdc\final\trunk220\trunk\windows\chatctrl.h(64): ChatCtrl::ProcessWindowMessage

    d:\program files\microsoft visual studio 9.0\vc\atlmfc\include\atlwin.h(3976): ATL::CContainedWindowT<ATL::CWindow=0x00BD6520,ATL::CWinTraits<1442840576=0x00000111,0> >::WindowProc

    USER32!0x7E368734: GetDC

    USER32!0x7E368816: GetDC

    USER32!0x7E3689CD: GetWindowLongW

    USER32!0x7E368A10: DispatchMessageW

    d:\development\includes\wtl\atlapp.h(992): WTL::CMessageLoop::Run

    d:\development\apexdc\final\trunk220\trunk\windows\main.cpp(432): Run

    0x00E30410: ?

    ApexDC!0x004448C1: MainFrame::FileListQueue::`scalar deleting destructor'

    ApexDC!0x0045EBCD: [thunk]:MainFrame::`vector deleting destructor'

    0x8351F8E4: ?


    I have just tried to load the filelist (right click in PM) from the user which have been reconnecting that time.

    I'm a hero - the first crash after more than 2 months.

  9. 150.000 users, what, where ???

    Russia Moscow. Metronet provider NetByNet has already more than 150 kUser. ns.ti.ru. Our host links are 10 Gbit/s ringed fiber channels. :shining:

    But we have no such hubs, only hopes. Only up to 5000. And approx. 6000-7000 dc users at all because of low awareness. Also chats infulences the popularity - noone needs to be spoiled (even worce) through the chat because of low qualification of a NetByNet employee responsible for the hubs. We have only up to 250 TB hub shares. :sad: ;)

  10. :B

    I have had a 200 megabits per second on 1Gbit/s LAN uplink. It's not fast because the sources upload speed limitations :)


    Also it's because the apex.

    But I have a ****y WAN uplink - 80000 bit/s. he-he

  11. Testers under Vista needed. The script is listed below.

    It's for testing cmd.exe extended execution options.

    @echo off
    if "%1"=="start" goto :%1
    cmd.exe /q /d /v /c call %0 start
    goto :eof
    set VAR=before
    if "%VAR%" == "before" (
    set VAR=after
    if "!VAR!" == "after" (echo Ok) else (echo No)
    echo on
    set LIST=
    for /l %%i in (1,1,3) do set /a LIST=!LIST!+%%i
    if "%LIST%"=="3" (echo Ok) else (echo No)

    Please, execute the script and vote at the poll.

  12. There are no adc hubs at our lan. Don't you thought about the users, changed their cid??? Or diffentent cids for different hubs. TCP Frames are not editable by users as tags or cids!!!

    Why don't you try to make it?! NMDC became a standart and administrators think it's not good to migrate. Also I have already tried an ADC hub. There are many probabilities to pass trough the cid.

    Yes, it needed to graduate to transport layer but it will make the client the great over the others. It's already more than a simple client, especially after stability release. It forces loading. So make the forcing greater. It's really needed at big metronets > 150000 users.

    Could you think about the idea? This overheads nmdc and adc both by strength.

    PS just rememberd where I have seen the nick! My great please talking to you.

  13. I have already posted about. But there can be difficulties with determining the unique host by IP.

    Let's try another position: TPC/IP frame contains the origin mac or NAT ID. Could you do the limiter "one segment^file at a time from one unique host" without any linking with nicks or IPs.

    It's really annoying when users ddosing me by 5 links from 5 hubs. Also you can determine an unique host by {nick, IP, exact share, tag}=ID. If you don't want to use the simle ways, use macs and nat ids from frames. It's really needed because of the effectivenes of the multisource.

  14. The XML file is just a personal record, a bot which looks at the result of /r is pretty pointless because anyone can change that value. It really is a low priority, not worth increasing resource usage just to update this value more often and keep it secure. Maybe if it was that in all other client then we would do it, but there just seems to be no reason for it. I've never seen a bot that records the results for the /r output, I doubt there's many around.

    heh - bot registers the /r values and unusual values gaps makes hub rating smaller. Also we register which files user searches and loads. There are many ways to kill the cheating bill.

  15. I think you missed my point friend, what I was getting at, was, work on stopping the program crashing and this wont be a problem. Your Apex shouldn't be crashing as often as it seems to be.

    ya-ya, :B , zer gut! A great opinion!

    I use "book English", no talk practice... so... ups :B

  16. It's not really a big problem......you shouldn't be experiencing that many crashs. Work on fixing that first....losing 1Tb of data would be much worse than a simple text value.

    errr - I haven't lost any data, but I have lost that text value!!! There is a bot, counting this values from /r output. So I'm losing rating points.

  17. You can edit your XML file and put those 2TB back in? Maybe it should be looked at for future versions but you did upload those 2TB and you can just change the XML file yourself.

    I can edit any text config. but I don't do it! It's not my way. You should store this value in a secured file (as you should store an adc id also!!!) to prevent users from leaching by this way. I think you can sign the file using TLS sertificates every edit time to prevent the editing. Also you can use a hashdata file structures to encript secured store. It can be a great thing for hub owners.

    And what about checking if user in the list??? Before retrieving his nick? Or making a user properties array at the click moment?

  18. On crashes I lose my ratio. For example, using the 1.0.1 I have already lost more than 1TB of uploaded traffic!!! Don't you think it's not good?

    Developers, you should autosave the uploaded/downloaded traffic values "on next time" or "on next 10 GB". I think this should be changable because of link speed issues - some releasers upload 10GB in 90 seconds up to the 100Mb full duplex link speed limit. And some people reaches this point in 1 week...

    Kickes causes crashes!!! :E




    I have already lost 2 terabytes!!!!!!!! Of uploaded traffic!!!!!!!! Patch your "stable" version, please.