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  1. Whould you like a hash for iso contaned the OS to check the problem? <<removed: read the rules>> Will be no copyrighted hash we will use copylefted.
  2. To be not a donkey I have checked. But at the first moment I have known you are wrong. All permissons are OK. I think the Apex uses some file from system folders, permitted only for Admins. Or some API operation. I don't know. There are no any marks at event and alert system journals, appeared if the permissons are broken. What a idea - use the system journals through the additional checkbox - make your Apex own journal, clearing at some time after posting messages.
  3. What did you say? What account??? Binary.rar contains 2 files - pdb and exe. I think I have loaded the binary. I dont like setups and the programms needed setiing then up. Normal programs does their one feature and does that feature the best way.
  4. win sais "can't start" if I clicked the "run" button at the tast menu. Event Journal sais nothing.
  5. bad link at the main page

    there is no binary.exe you have only binary.rar!
  6. PM Request....

    It's usefull at all, but... some people well known as userbeasts (ubeas - acronim from russian acronim :thumbsup: , made of "user") are spamming even through scripted antispam. ! But at all the idea is good, I can say.
  7. PM Request....

    Ya-ya! zer gut... Flud it called another word.
  8. PM Request....

    Yes. But spam dangeros.
  9. PM Request....

    Do you understand that the request is low priority? It's very special use area I think. You should make the poll. It's usefull.
  10. Chat supress switch at favhub properties

    Also we can think about language diffeneces. If the hub was chineese, I have not had any ability to talk... mmm... oh, type. Don't you think? Also such thing as trafffic is important. A need a chat supression if it can help to save the traffic.
  11. It can be usefull if I could supress the main chat for only one hub. Using the favorite hubs tab. For example a great shared hub with chat, destroyed by punky men. Such chats are sickening. I can make the settings folder read only with user access rules to prevent my children from such resourses.
  12. Chat supress switch at favhub properties

    hey, I don't want any parent control. I have no any ideas about this. But what about case if _I_ don't want to read this chat. If I got different confeccion? For example. lang=ru: Ни фига подобного. Я не просил ничего подобного. Дух dc не в чате, а в п2п. И хотелось бы упомянуть, что я просил заглушку чата, а не пароль на настройки.
  13. Apex as a sevice/daemon

    Security? For win is "users" group. For linux... I think only few years and linux became "guied" as a win. Look at knoppix.
  14. Apex as a sevice/daemon

    Could I make it the service? I can't use "Srvinstw.exe". I can't use "cs create"... Because the Apex can't say the Windows API "SERVICE_RUNNING". It easy is't it? Even you have no need to disable it if the Apex has been used as a usual program... PLEEEEEEASE And it will be wonderfull if I can see the checkbox "Autostart with windows as service". the second PLEEEEEEASE Hello from Russian peers and peerers sorry if duplicated i have no time to read the forum : it's in english... I/m going to have a sleep for an hour... and work, work, work then... :lol:
  15. Apex as a sevice/daemon

    yes, of course... but they are not "Piphia"s from the Matrix. And the should know about all problems. Not only at their systems seen.
  16. Apex as a sevice/daemon

    1) 1beta2 crashes if "Delete all sources" or "add all sources" 2) 0.4.0 find through the webserver by the IE 7 doesn't show the results of a search.
  17. Apex as a sevice/daemon

    I'm not the most I use all abilities
  18. Apex as a sevice/daemon

    yes but there is a cool page at properties... called Recovery :D
  19. Apex as a sevice/daemon

    A have used the method. It's cool. Also I have done the server. Cool. Thank you. ps I'm still waiting the service mode Many users need the service mode - like [NBN]-Knyaz_Igor'® (torrents.ru). He's share is at least 5 TB.
  20. Apex as a sevice/daemon

    yes. But crashes. Your method doesn't prevent long downtime. At the moment I will use your method but I hope...
  21. Apex as a sevice/daemon

    It's an idea. thanks I'm going to try. But the service will be woken up at any crash. Such as usual Apex crash LOL It's usefull: i have done a server with 600 shared GB of video. And I'm trying the best way to manage my server. VNC is cool. But... I need more flexible thing such as winremotedesktop. At this case sound and other periferials is yours. And you can use the processor time of the server... mmm don't you want a server? It can be controlled remotely by it's own webserver the next step is the server oriented executable. And no any difference between gui, service or service woken by the system and showed the gui for any user logged on but i need only the special structure returned the apex on started up.
  22. Apexdc use less memory and cpu!

    I use p-m1,2 GHz with speedstep from 600 to 1200. 512 RAM I don't thing the Apex uses much memory. 6 MB at RAM 13MB at swap. do you use swap? don't you use any "mem optimizers"? also it can be: "i don't like your language pack" said Apex.