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    How to compile ApexDC++

    Download the attached text file and follow instructions.
    How reproduce a release version

    For this manually creating the appropriate version file (second approach in the attached file) is recommended. The necessary build id is the fourth version digit that can be seen in the about box or update check dialogs.
    Creating redistributable binaries (with modifications)

    To get a redistributable binary out of the source code distribution we recommend that you set up an svn repository with services such as and use that. Additionally you must change the version check url in the version-template.h (as your assigned build id will be 1 initially which is much lower than ours) and then proceed to digitally sign a new version file with a private key (generated by a toolset such as openssl).

    There is a small tool built into ApexDC itself that will do the signing for you, a windows batch file similar to the one below may be used to generate the necessary signature file (version.xml.sign).
    @echo off ..ApexDC-x64.exe /sign "%CD%version.xml" "%CD%private.key" ..ApexDC-x64.exe /sign "%CD%beta.xml" "%CD%private.key" There is also an additional switch you will need to specify the first time signing version file with a new key which is -pubout. When this switch is present ApexDC will generate a pubkey.h file corresponding to your private key which should then be used to replace our pubkey.h so that verification will work against your version file pair.

    After you have a signed xml, the trick is to make it discoverable by your compiled version of ApexDC by uploading both the .xml and .sign files side by side to the location you specified inside version-template.h (remember to recompile with the correct pubkey.h file).
    Recompiling ApexDC as a replacement for the release versions on (for personal use) is not recommended or otherwise supported.