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  1. Winamp-Apex DC

    Version : ApexDC++ 1.6.0 / 0.842 Initial Information : I play radio in my college. I stream it over lan using winamp + shoutcast. I am attaching the pdf (read me) of how i stream it over lan.(just in case u need it) Problem 1. I need constant advertising on Apex DC main chat. So is there a method/command/script so that it automatically sends the name of the current song being played on dc main chat. Basically every time a song is changed it should message on main chat (just 1 time) that the current song being played is xyz. Problem 2. Along with the song name is there a method/command/script that will help the listener to easily download that song from my shared files (obviously that song is shared) just by clicking on a button or link or something. i don't know anything about programming so please describe your procedure in detail. THANKS in advance. Final.pdf