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  1. Search results and Passive search mode

    I dont understand do you mean segments, sources or search results I cant imagine u mean search because there is no settings for that that i know of anyway. the only thing that i can think of is that u are only one hub or something ??
  2. ok I have another question now about linux

    WTF is fiesty fawn ?? Well looks like I need to install linux before wine and Im getting cold feet on linux Im scared to lose windows cause I donno how to fix linux if I f*** up so Im gonna take a little time put a small (12GB) HDD in my comp unplug other HDD with windows on it the and install linux there and change the boot order accordingly. would that work ?? I dont know how to partition 1 HDD for 2 OS and Ive heard that the linux setup can confuse u then u end up wiping everything and I cant afford for that to happen. would doing it this way work ok ??
  3. ok I have another question now about linux

    hey whats with this wine thing do i burn it the same as i burned the linux and boot it from cd ?? any info would be great.
  4. apex for linux

    You know i would love to try out apex in linux but i cant figure out how to burn an iso cd to run linux off of I also cant figure out any way to install linux is it just me or is linux designed to not be used by pretty much everyone ?? I have a better working knowledge of copmputers then the average person but this just escapes me ive followed spacific directions a number of times to no avail. Ive tried several different versions of linx can someone help me out. Give me easy to folloe step by step idiot proof instructions for burning a live iso linux cd with nero 6 it cant be that hard I have knoppix 5 and xubuntu 6. If i had linux i would gladly spend some time using apex with it just to see how it works. ps I know how to use linux ive used it before i just cant figure out how to burn it or install it.
  5. ok I have another question now about linux

    Hey this linux stuff is really cool how many are there ?? I came across one called damn small linux 3.3 and its really cool its only 58mb large and when its running it only uses 21mb of ram. I found out about the kde and its ok but I've downloaded 3 or 4 different distros last night one is called backtrack 1.0 and thats really sleek. Anyway its gonna take me a while to figure out which one I like best and I wanna figure that out before I install any one on my HDD. It may end up to be like dc++ changing to a new one every 3-4 months. anyways thx for all the help just when I was getting bored with comps. What clients can I use in these linux ?? I wonder if the test im usin would work ??
  6. ok I have another question now about linux

    OK THX guys thats a really good idea to unhook the drive I dont want the linux to go on the idea was suggested by zlobomir the other day but i didnt catch it till I read ifmm's post it never occured to me to do that. I think ill do that tonight when i get home from work I'm pretty sure there an install file on the live disk some where but what knoppix would call it Im not sure. theres actually a bigger difference between windows and knoppix then I thought there would be Its like translating from russian to english. oh and what does KDE mean ?? and yes I will google it. hahahahahaha
  7. ok I have another question now about linux

    thx bud and yes I will find an answer I always do !!
  8. ok I have another question now about linux

    k man I just post here after I google and after I read everything and after I try to do it on my own and I just post here and ask questions for fun. Its just something to do while Im at work. I really do appriciate all the help too. I have no shame about asking questions I think the only stupid question is the one you dont ask.
  9. apex for linux

    hey guys i finally got it. thx for all the help I just had to burn the winrar file download as an iso file the mistake i was making was that i was opening the winrar folder and looking for the iso file to burn. I'm usin xubuntu 6.10 on my other comp right now and im downloading ubuntu now and im gonna check out knoppix later. thx again for all the help.
  10. apex for linux

    ok almiteycow thats what ive been missing then all this time i just need to burn the winrar folder not open the thing and burn one file inside thx so much I knew it was some stupid little thing like that. TYRRAM
  11. apex for linux

    yep I did at one point burn a knoppix bootable data disk so that the dos thing then does that apply to both comps ?? And what i get when i download that i386 iso file thing is a huge winrar download and i cant figure out which file within the download to burn. I know as with almost all comp probs I run into its some stupid little thing we are all overlooking. personally though its driving me nuts.
  12. apex for linux

    nope all I get is a blank page and a download box to open or save winrar file
  13. apex for linux

    and for almiteycow I just reread one of your posts and it said I dont UNRAR the files do you mean that I dont extract the files from the winrar folder I just burn the download as is without extracting the files ?? pls clearify. thx
  14. apex for linux

    ok thx ill give it one more try, Im pretty sure ive been downloading the wrong things. Does anyone know why i would get a drdos command prompt on 1 comp and no dos loaded on a 2nd when i put the cd with knoppix 5.1 on it wouldnt that mean i did something right with burning that cd but now either of my comps are responding properly ?? on the 2nd comp ive added a fat32 partion on a seperate HD (seperate from the one with windows) in preparation for install of linux when I decide to. is this ok ?? I may as well just install it on this partition if it isnt going to wipe out windows xp ??
  15. apex for linux

    Im not having problems burning the files I DONT KNOW WHICH FILE TO BURN one guy today told me to download this linux from this site so i did and he told me to burn the iso file that is 675 MB well there is no 675 MB iso file. and thats the second time that has happened. I decided to mess around with linux 2 weeks ago and since then I havent even seen it yet. I think maybe im downloading the wrong things I am downloading whole linux programs not iso files. And within those downloads I dont know which iso files to burn and the ones i do dont work. Every linux site is convoluted and overcomplicated. The burned **** i did get to do anything is knoppix 5.1 on one comp it says no dos loaded or something like that and the other comp goes through a bunch of **** then ends at a drdos command prompt and ive no idea what to type in. so ive busted all my linux cds ive deleted all my linux files and I am completely sick of linux and ive not even used it yet. If any one has IDIOT PROOF instuctions that will just tell me WHICH FILE to burn and where to get that file Ill try once more if not i give up.
  16. apex for linux

    ok listen, Ive read all the directions Ive downloaded 15 different linux xubuntu 6.10, xubuntu 6.10 desktop i386, livecd i686 installer, knoppix 5.1, ect,ect. I am now downloading xubuntu 6.10 alternate amd 64 iso. Ive burned 3 different cd this morning alone. Ive gone to all the right sites to download the files I have all the right downloads. Ive downloaded infrarecorder and tried that 3 times but none of the directions or anything else for that matter tells me exactly WHICH FILE to burn or which file to install. i just keep trying different files different combinations of files and folders Ive tried files named boot Ive tried files named iso ive tried folders named linuxiso etc,etc, most of the files I download are winrar and i can burn any file or files within the folders as bootable data disc but ive been told not to bother doing that I need to (burn image to disk) and thats fine i can do that but it wont let me burn whole folders only files within the folder it says open until you get down to the individual files then you can burn one and only one of those files as a disc image if i do the data disc i can burn whole folders anything i want, but with image i can only burn one file so i ask yet again WHICH FILE DO I BURN ?? pls someone take a look inside xubuntu 6.10 or the i386 or whatever and tell me exactly where i need to look and which file need to burned. pls sry if i sound frusterated but i am that doesnt mean i dont appriciate the help. TYRRAM
  17. lag

    hey I get a lag alot in the hubs when Im usin apex 0.4.0 I dont have this problem with any other client I donno whats up with that. have u guys come accross this before ??
  18. apex for linux

    that link gets me an iso zip xubuntu-6.10-desktop-i386 and its a winrar sry i9m gonna waste one more cd and try burning the iso actually ill use a RW and see
  19. apex for linux

    ok i got the xubutu zip folder from that link now which file within the zip do i burn or do i just burn the whole thing ?? TYRRAM
  20. apex for linux

    ok ppl, thx so much for all the help and directions but Im still having troubles Ive read all the directions and still cant get the damd thing burned because no where does it say WHICH file to burn as an iso. I'm using xubuntu 6.10 thats what I have I just need to know EXACTLY which file to burn to make the boot disc ?? pls help p.s someone mentioned an .exe install that would be alot easier for me where can I get that and if I install that would it replace window ?? but eventhough I asked the second question that doesnt mean I dont want an answer to the first. Which file do i burn ?? and thx again for all the help I really appriciate it.
  21. should have

    Oh sry
  22. should have

    should have an option under my user name to go directly to responses to new posts.
  23. My favorite Hub & user list has been deleted

    go back to the files of your old client in prog files go to setting in the files of your old client and cut and paste favorites into prog files / apex / settings.
  24. Segmented downloading ruining DC

    This may sound crazy to all u techies who can see the tech limits but I dream of a day and of a DC++ that has UNLIMITED slots, UNLIMITED segments per download and UNLIMITED downloads and uploads per user and of hyperclients that can keep up without hangup. Whatever it is that opposes this enevitable evolution whether it be isp or clients or line speeds should just get it together or get out of the way. change or die !! hahahahahaha
  25. upload problems

    I did a speed test with my isp and it started out at 1200kbs and stablized at 800kbs Ive checked those boxes send garbage and I dont have a router.