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  1. tth alts

    so let me explain myself here if i am downloading a very popular movie like with anywhere from 10 - 80 sources it will be fine for a while but if i leave it and come back a few hours later itll have 10 or 20 sources but it will just be sitting there doing nothing so i will manually search for tth alternatives and the sources will go back up to 50 or 70 and ill have 7 segments and itll be fine then if i leave it again when come back and itll just be sitting there doing nothing again i will manually search for alts again and ill instantly have more sources and more segments. Now if it were searching for tth alternatives every 5 minutes as it is set to do i wouldn't need to manually do it and the fact that i do have to manually do it indicates that it is not automatically doing it. Am i right or wrong ? it seems pretty obvious to me that its not auto searching ? Am i missing something here guys ??
  2. Simple Question

    Well it dont friggin work for me m8's someone wanna clue me in as to what im doin wrong now ??
  3. Simple Question

    I just want a simple yes or no from someone who REALLY knows the answer, Does the search for tth alts in 0.4.0 actually work or not ??
  4. What happens when you emulate DC++

    I didnt know any of that why didnt someone tell me this b4 :thumbsup:
  5. compliments

    I really must compliment everyone who worked on Apex 0.4.0. I ran into a lot of problems recently and had to try out a number of new and different clients like zion blue 206 & 207, zion green 216 & 217 a couple of the speed mods s11 - s15, zk++ .666, 07, and the light edition, as well as the new strong dc++2.03 all of which im sure are good clients but none suited my needs as did 0.4.0 and none of them measured up to the 0.4.0 in terms of stability, speed and reliability. So thx again folks and keep up the good work. I must also thank the ops and staff of TGO for being patient with me seeing as im a bit of a perfectionist and sometimes expect alot from clients so thanks for answering all my questions about the 0.4.0. I am still using zion blue 207 to op with on my hub and am wishing Apex would come out with an op client. I cant seem to find a client I can both op with and download with at the same time. it would be rally cool if i could just use 1 client for all my needs. Anyway thx for everything !! I really appriciate it. TYRRAM
  6. ASCII letters

    Ive found it to depend on which client ur using ive found ASCII works in zk++ but not in zion for example. But ive also found that they work fine in tags when connecting to hubs in any client but the ASCII lettering doesnt look right so would be no good in that client for communication of other kinds.
  7. Musings of a Mod

    I agree with you kaizer ppl take dc way to serious sometimes I had a friend stop speaking to me recently because I told him I didnt nuch care for a certain client. The net wars are really rediculus I guess dc is a reflection of the real world as much of a dissappointment as that may be.
  8. sorry but

    Sorry but ...... I speak my mind. I always have but no one here wants to hear what I have to say because its negative. I didn't get any response when I said good things. Right from the very start when I said I liked the apexdc++s-12 speedmod better why ??? because IT WORKS !!! So whats the point ? I got fired as a tester I kept getting kicked off TGO for some retard reason that I shared installed progs when I wasn't I explained this to op's repeatedly who wouldn't listen etc,etc,etc. I will however say one good thing sidetrack is very helpful. I realize you guys are hard working and if some guy just criticized my work I wouldn't care for him very much but I cant lie. Every release since 0.2.0 has not worked for me and its been a disappointment thats the bottom line. the clients DON'T WORK RIGHT So criticize away. What do you want me to say when the clients DON'T WORK ? Do you want me to come on here and blow sunshine up your asses or do you want the truth ?? and I can't send bug reports or any kind of reports when the client doesn't work. THIS is the report. The apexdc++ 0.1.0 beta 2 client crashes within 60 seconds of opening it has something to do with connection to hubs at start up. When people complain to me about it I set them up with apexdc++s-15 speedmod because it DOESN'T CRASH and yes I realize its a beta but with the release of the 0.4.0 and 0.3.0 the same thing went on it wasn't crashes but other problems and they weren't betas and the speed mod releases s12 s13 s14 didn't have those problems. So some guy in Russia is taking your clients and fixing them and drastically improving them and re-releasing them and the more power to him. Because what it all comes down to is whether or not the clients WORK OR NOT. So happy, happy, joy, joy and sunshine and flowers and all that but .... the clients DON'T WORK. GET IT.
  9. new beta 2

    Hey, I haven't been here for a while but I have to say Ive uninstalled the apex 1.0.0. beta 2 from my computer because it is impossible to use it crashes within 60 sec of opening. And of course you will all blame my system but I can assure you its not my system every other client works fine. I don't know what you guys are doing wrong but this client is just getting worse with each release. Since 0.3.0 each release is more unstable. I don't know if you are even going to listen anymore to the testers or users and maybe the dev team is surrounded by yes men, I don't know. But I do know most everyone I've talked to on dc++ hubs have little or no use for 0.5.0 or 1.0.0 beta. So thats my last word I won't even bother downloading the next release.
  10. outta here

    I'm outta here for awhile folks I just wanted to thx everyone for answering all my silly questions and being patient and giving so much really useful info. I dont know if I'll be back but keep up with all the great work apex is an awesome client !!
  11. Status update

    thx for all the work to bring the forums back I really missed them and I really do appreciate all the hard work TYRRAM
  12. guides

    I was sure I saw a guide on the peer guardian plug in in the guides section or am I confused again ?? anyway if there isn't any maybe there should be. Wait does apex even have a peer guardian plugin ?? maybe it was ziondc that was trying to do that. anyway if apex doesn't have that maybe it should. ok well I want a peer guardian plug in and I guide to help me use it ! hows that ? (note to grogs I have no idea where this post should go)
  13. Firefox problem running linux

    Hey I've been steadily working towards using linux for my own personal reasons and also hoping to help out with the new linux apex at some time in the future. I got knoppix 5.1 installed and working ok and then found out that the 2 isp's in my provence both do not support linux !! and they are the only 2 available to me. However a strange thing happened the other day I got firefox working through my isp and downloade a bunch of stuff i needed for knoppix eventhough they say they dont support it ?? I dont get that ?? Can anyone explain this is my isp lying to me ?? TYRRAM
  14. Arguement with OP

    Not that it really matters but I think this op went a little overboard the guy wasnt really doing anything wrong it seems to be a misunderstanding then to end it all by saying he was going to try to get him banned in every hub he could was a little over the top. A little patience and listening would have gone a long way but the op took the whole thing personal. On the other hand if an op was askin me for a slot I would be a fool to refuse as a rule I give slots to pretty much anyone who asks, its just good karma.
  15. ZionDC++

    I just talked to someone else about it. I asked if there was any news on the zion projets and they said : omaga went away for awhile, I have to go, bye. thats it man these ppl are so secretive whats up with that ? can someone explain why I feel like Im dealing with the KGB ??