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  1. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    You can't urge him to leave DC++, but he has to obey basic rules, preventing users from downloading is simply not the purpose of DC++ If you (Iranmaster) feel like your internet connection is too slow for uploading you should consider reducing your sharesize or getting a faster internet connection That's my personal opinion about it It's not a problem of ApexDC++ P.S.: and take that right big toe out of my nose @Iranmaster :thumbsup:
  2. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    but I must say too, the peerguardian plugin with a predefined list of blocked IP ranges was a better solution for this imho.
  3. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    You use /ignore nick then you shouldn't get anymore PM's from this user.
  4. Problems running latest version (1.1.0) ?

    :thumbsup: I had similar problems with my torrent client if I may mention that here. I thought that it might have something to do with Windows XP SP3 but i'm not really sure ...
  5. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    Iranmaster, even with a 16 kb/s upstream connection 2 slots are ok with each 8 kb/s, this is enough for good downloading and remember, if someones loading an 800 MB movie from you, you can always give an extra slot to someone who wants to download one single MP3 so stop complaining. And one more point, if you feel like using the IP feature to block single users, then do it and stop spamming the forum!! I don't even get your problem. You have an option there too, named: 'Open new slot if speed is below ...' This is how DC++ works ...
  6. Peerguardian blocking Hubs

    yes, but what if the IP is the IP of a Hub .. you'll need differnet blocklists then ... .. btw, the blocklists contain IP ranges afaik, not single IP's ...
  7. Peerguardian blocking Hubs

    Might be intresting for Hubowners and / or users of Peerguardian:
  8. share too small (and it's not)

    rules of some hubs may be not up-to-date
  9. Logan Emo Pack

    maybe one could implement that in future versions of DC++ just an idea if it's possible on message boards and messengers, it should be possible in DC++ too.
  10. Logan Emo Pack

    I was just wondering as I view this post again, if it wouldn't be possible to implement animated Smilies in DC++ just like the Smilies here on the board. Would be a further step into customization. I know, some likeit, some hate it but might be worth a thought! I'd appreciate it! regards, Lizard
  11. Logan Emo Pack

    Added few more smilies. This is really final version now, I won't add anymore. It contains now 113 smilies. Enjoy, regards, Lizard. P.S.: See attachment for download. Done some further modifications and improvements for character substitution, I recommend everyone who has been using this EmoPack to download this latest version. By the way, for those who like it, thank you for using it! :P
  12. Can't see some bots in a hub

    maybe you should name the bot software too, for the coders can have a look at it ... regards
  13. Public Hub problem

    that public hublist you have chosen, is probably offline. Choose one of those: Go: Settings ---> Downloads ---> Configure Public Hublists, and add them there. mfG
  14. Leidiges Thema Gerechte Verteilung

    Hi, Ich kenne von Apex Speed Mod, da
  15. Simply choose 2 ports between 0 and 65536 in your Router. Windows Firewall will ask u to allow DC++ ! Dyndns adress looks like this e.g.: Have fun! :thumbsup:
  16. Hello, I'd recommend you not to use UPNP Service. It's a bit tricky and a security issue too in Windows. If you use Windows Firewall, turn UPNP off, manually forward 2 ports in your Router and add those in DC++ settings under firewall / manual portforwarding. If you use a dyndns service add your dyndns adress in settings under 'IP' otherwise tick 'autoupdate IP on startup' and untick 'Don't let Hub / UPNP override IP' greetz
  17. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 5

    Keep up the good work guys! :thumbsup:
  18. Logan Emo Pack

    Here you have the latest version of my Emo Pack. Me loves it! Enjoy! :thumbsup:
  19. I'm on the search for a new antivirus

    I bought Avira Premium Security Suite few months ago and I am completely satisfied with it! You get it pretty cheap on Amazon! :thumbsup:
  20. Raw Commands

    Hello peeps, btw, %[adlFile] is what I was looking for, all the time, it gives the filename when kicking
  21. Themes - Screenshots

    Hello peeps, I got a better screenshot for you! Sorry for disturbing your bizness, no bad intention though The only difference is actually that own nick is 'red' not 'blue' anymore. You find the modified theme in attachment, hopefully one of the admins might upload it on the customise page, because theres still the old version on that page. regards. Classic.dctheme
  22. Logan Emo Pack

    you're right Zlobo, thx correcting me :-)
  23. Themes - Screenshots

    Hello all and especially Apex DC++ admins for further versions, I got an update for my Classic.dctheme please use this version instead of the old one, it's much better :shifty: P.S.: Sorry btw for using RSX++ but I need it for my OP job(s) maybe it gives you a boost to release an OP version too, keep up the good work :unsure: