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  1. Hubs don't show anything - are empty

    I have the same problem at uni, If you find a solution, post it here so I can try too cheers
  2. External hosting of server

    Well I had a go, and managed to connect, and got my motd etc from the server, however when connecting from uni, I could not see any users or display any messages in the chat area - when i typed and pressed enter, nothing appeared. I tried from a computer not on the uni network and that worked fine, and when I set up a hub on my uni comp, I could connect to that fine, so I assume something in the uni blocking it even with passive firewall setting! Any ideas on how I could get around this?
  3. External hosting of server

    So if they all have to be passive due to the firewall, then doesn't that mean that they can't share files between one another. The joy of having a campus sharing thing is that the whole campus connected as an internal network, so up to 100Mb/s transfers. If only the users outside of the campus can recieve files etc, then I think I'll have to re-think my plan
  4. External hosting of server

    So would there be away to have them as active users, or am I on a looser with this one?
  5. External hosting of server

    Hi, I'm at university, and last year there was a DC++ hub running. This year there isn't. I could of course just set one up and that would be that, however, I'd quite like to not be kicked out of uni if they find out it's me, so I had a thought of a possible way round this, although I would like some advice to see if it would work before spending effort on doing it. If I set up a hub server on an external computer, and use a dynamic dns address as the hub address, then by my understanding, the search requests and chat etc would go through the server computer and therefore be slower, but the server tells the client software which peer to recieve the file from, and as that would still be within the network, file transfers would still be fast. The university could monitor the traffic on campus, but they wouldn't be able to do anything about my server located off campus. Is this fesible given that the clients are unable to port forward the universities firewalls etc. I assume this means the clients would all have to run as passive firewall mode. Any advice greatly apprieciated Ollie
  6. Searching for DC++ Hub

    Hi, Im at university, and last year there were a couple of DC++ hubs available. This year, I dont know anyone who knows the hub IP address. Is there a way to search the network to find an ip address that has a hub for DC++? I'm fairly good with a computer so hopefully with your help I can find a hub. Cheers Ollie