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  1. ApexDC++ 2.0 vision

    Native applications run faster. Especially with something like a file sharing client that uses a lot of disk I/O and the network you'd want to avoid that extra compatibility layer. Native applications are also more stable, you can see errors printed to the console, etc. I'd also like Apex DC++ to start when my computer starts, but I'm not sure if that works with Wine. Also, I think Wine programs only have access to the directory set up to act as the Windows C:\ drive, so everything you share and everything you download would have to be there. If there's ways to get around any of these problems you guys might consider making a Wine usage guide.
  2. ApexDC++ 2.0 vision

    I love Apex DC++, I used to use it all the time on Windows. A little over a year ago I switched to Ubuntu though and haven't used it since. I really love to see a linux version.
  3. Temp Sharing

    I noticed in my Finished Uploads that someone uploaded an incomplete file from me, but I'm not sharing my temp folder. Is there any way to turn this off?
  4. Filelist Removal

    If you select the option to not delete filelists after Aped DC++ closes, could there be an option to automatically delete filelists after a user specified amount of time has gone by? I think it's kind of inefficient to keep downloading the same filelists over and over, but they do get outdated after a few days to a week and need to be cleaned out.
  5. Connect to Hub in Queue

    You know how there's the option to connect to a favorite user's hub? Could the same option be added to each user in your download queue? For example, you could right click on a file in your queue, and just like for getting filelists or PMing, there will be a sub menu that says connect to user's hub, with a list of all the users from hubs you're not connected to.
  6. Filelist Removal

    Yes, that would be what I'm thinking of.
  7. Filelist Removal

    Another thing I noticed is, when I download a filelist, look at it, close it, and then select "Get Filelist" for the same user a few minutes later, rather than opening the filelist I just downloaded a few minutes ago, it downloads it all over again. It's a bit of a waste, and manually looking through my filelist directory for a user often takes even longer. Could there be an option to open filelists locally if it's not more than a few days old? Or maybe have the current button download it and add a second option below the current one that opens it locally?
  8. Connect to Hub in Queue

    I don't see why it would make things so much harder. Here's an example (edited for privacy) of an entry in my download queue XML file: <Download Target="C:\Downloads\Some File.avi" Size="256265408" Priority="5" FreeBlocks="14958577 354418688 355099737 366225408 " VerifiedParts="0 14 " Added="1187100947" TTH="HIIBWMOE4YYMYMT2GNQ3LMPSJYQ2QUN3BJZBWTQ" TempTarget="D:\Downloads\Some File.avi.HIIBWMEE4YYMYMT24NQ3LMPSJYG2QUN3BUZBWTZ.dctmp" Downloaded="11639526" AutoPriority="0" MaxSegments="4"> <Source CID="Z2V6AJLFIIRX4WKUKXVPACFKQVO63WGVKY7UIXY" Nick="Nobody1000"/> <Source CID="BMVYN6EWVIWTYGYISZVC3CW6WYV54BDQ6S6NQZI" Nick="[abc]spaceman"/> </Download> To add the user's hub, all you'd really have to do is add another attribute to the Source tag containing the hub's IP + port #, and maybe another one if you wanted the hub's name and/or description. Example: <Download Target="C:\Downloads\Some File.avi" Size="256265408" Priority="5" FreeBlocks="14958577 354418688 355099737 366225408 " VerifiedParts="0 14 " Added="1187100947" TTH="HIIBWMOE4YYMYMT2GNQ3LMPSJYQ2QUN3BJZBWTQ" TempTarget="D:\Downloads\Some File.avi.HIIBWMEE4YYMYMT24NQ3LMPSJYG2QUN3BUZBWTZ.dctmp" Downloaded="11639526" AutoPriority="0" MaxSegments="4"> <Source CID="Z2V6AJLFIIRX4WKUKXVPACFKQVO63WGVKY7UIXY" Nick="Nobody1000" Hub=""/> <Source CID="BMVYN6EWVIWTYGYISZVC3CW6WYV54BDQ6S6NQZI" Nick="[abc]spaceman" Hub="myhub.no-ip.org:1337"/> </Download> I might be mistaken, but I think when you add the same source more than once from different hubs, the same person appears once for each hub they're in, so each instance of that source would have it's own hub address stored with it. Even if duplicate sources were stored in one entry, the hub addresses could be stored as a comma separated list. It wouldn't be all that much more information stored in memory, Apex DC++ would just have to know to write that info to the queue when a source is added and read that information and connect to the specified hub when the user chooses the "Connect to Hub in Queue" option. I think that would depend on how the other clients are coded. If they get the XML attribute nodes by name then adding extra entries won't make a difference, they'll just be overlooked. But, if they collect the attribute nodes as an array and iterate over every item based on it's index, adding extra elements might disrupt the order. That would be the fault of bad programming though, since relying on the index order of attributes disallows forward compatibility. As long as any custom attributes are put after the standard CID and Nick attributes though, it should still work even with poorly programmed clients.
  9. Unused Hub Disconnect

    Could there be a button added that will disconnect from all hubs that aren't currently needed for any of the items in your download queue? Sometimes I have up to 15 hubs open, and it's hard to tell which ones I'm not using. Maybe there could also be a button on each hub tab saying "Disconnect if Unused", and options that will disconnect if you're just waiting for a spot on a hub but nothing is currently downloading, or if the needed users on a hub are currently offline. Maybe it could also be in the format of a Connected Hub Summary tab, which would list the hubs you're connected to, and each hub would have a sub-tree showing what users from that hub are in your Download Queue, and which ones are online, and which users you're connected to, and even what files they're needed for. Then you could right click on the hubs in the tree and disconnect them from there.
  10. Media Toolbar

    I noticed that there's options for WMP, WMP Classic, iTunes, and WinAmp. I was wondering if VLC and Song Bird could be supported. Or can this list be edited in the Apex DC++ config files?
  11. Connect to Hub in Queue

    Well, I was thinking that when you add a user as a source in your download queue, their hub IP and port # could also be stored in the queue's XML file, so Apex DC++ could retrieve that hub info and reconnect to it using an option when you right click in the download queue.
  12. Hub Highlighting

    When browsing lists of public hubs, could there be highlighting for ones that are already in your favorites and one that you're currently connected to?
  13. Filelist Removal

    That looks like a really good option too. Though, after a while users change names or disappear altogether and the file lists on your drive become kind of useless. I find that file lists are often good for a few days, so it would be nice if the user could specify a time limit that they want saved filelists to stay around for, after which Apex DC++ automatically deletes them.
  14. Crashes

    I've been getting this for a while now, especially as I try to connect to more hubs. I seem to be getting mostly the same error every time Apex DC++ crashes. Some of the lines in exceptioninfo.txt seems to refer to a location on my computer that doesn't exist; it has "cvs" in the path. I have 1.0.0B2 running on Vista 32 bit. I'm not sure what causes it, it just happens by itself, usually when I'm connected to more than 7 or so hubs. exceptioninfo.txt
  15. Unused Hub Disconnect

    You mean the Reggae hub? Or are you talking about another one?
  16. Unused Hub Disconnect

    Well, I like to do other stuff while sharing, so 15 is a lot for me since it uses more of my CPU and RAM. I connect to a lot of public hubs to see if they have what I'm looking for. Often they have nothing of interest, the users are way too slow and disconnect me after 30 seconds and/or never have any free slots, and usually the only files being uploaded are from hubs that I'm downloading from. When looking for files I'll check every few minutes sometimes, and every day or so, and it's always the same 2 or 3 hubs out of 15 that return results. If I'm not uploading or downloading from a hub, haven't in the past few days, and it's not likely that I will in the future, then it's a waste for me as well as for the hub to be connected to it. Further, sharing goes both ways; why should my resources be spent on a hub that isn't sharing with me? I could disconnect and then find another hub where more mutual sharing is going on.
  17. Notepad++

    I followed the instructions (http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/uk/site.htm, "Notepad Replacement", middle of page) to replace the Windows Notepad with Notepad++. In Apex DC++ the icon changed accordingly, but it still uses the old Notepad, and I've replaced every notepad.exe file I could find. Could a way be developed to correctly implement Notepad++ in Apex DC++?
  18. Peer Guardian not working

    I recently got Windows Vista, and when I start ApexDC++ I get the error: "This application has failed to start because MSVCP71.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." Then it starts, and the Peer Guardian plus in doesn't work, even though I have PeerGuardian.dll and guardian.p2p in the installation folder.
  19. Temp Sharing

    Would that disable multiple source downloads, in addition to not sharing temp files? Is there a way to have multisource downloading for files going in my share but disable it for files not going in my share?