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  1. LAN-only mode

    There is need for IP limiting in DirectConnect clients. Some my friends and me have ADSL connection (paid by traffic ) and we'd like to use DC++ only in our LAN. Currently this is done by firewall, but as more non-exprient users get ADSL it becomes dangerous. I know some LANs in my country use DC++ clients to chat and share files via local network. So it would be nice if ApexDC++ has mode to connect only to 10.*.*.*, -, and 192.168.*.* addresses. One settings in XML and a checkbox in UI. I've created custom installer for ApexDC with my LAN's settings ('cause there are a lot of newbies), so it can be included in my installer.
  2. LAN-only mode

    Now I've compiled the ApexDC++ 0.4 sources, and I plan to make some modifications. May be they will appear in the ApexDC++ sources I want to add "minimize to tray by the Close button", "autostart", "minimize to tray on [auto]start", "delayed auto-start" (it's autostart with a pause e.g. 25 seconds before any aggresive usage of HDD, like hashing), also to modify "Private Message" chatting - it's about opening an additional windows (some my friends can use only this "chat" style, it's implemented in SeChat, BorgChat); to animate tray icon on private message (if apexdc window is in tray); to play "my nick in main chat" sound on configurable list of words - because I have two nick forms - one in native alphabet, and the 2nd in Latin. Also, of course, a checkbox for "Limit to LAN IP addresses only (10.***, 192.168.**)" or "Limit all connections to this submask: ...". I've read about PeerGuardian in wiki, but it seems too complex for this.
  3. Compiling ApexDC++

    I wonder why Compile.txt does not mention DirectX SDK? Also I had "wmp.h" file missing - I installed Windows Media Player SDK 9 to fix this. This SDK is also not mentioned in the Compile.txt file :blink:
  4. LAN-only mode

    It's LanDC++ (mod of IceDC++ by the same developer). I have problems with searching there, so I stopped at ApexDC++. Currently my LAN only starts to use DirectConnect, I've made russian-localized installer and agitate for it 'cause Windows SMB (shares) is evil. And I want to prevent lost money. It should not happen though as only one LAN's hub is specified in my config, but who knows...