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  1. ApexDC++ Translations

    Hi! Recently i've been informed about two small mistakes in my polish translation. Here You have a fixed version Regards, Patrol
  2. ApexDC++ Translations

    Hi guys EN: There is a new polish translation to ApexDC++ Beta4 :") (in attachments below) (in addition: translation is semi-compatible with previous betas) PL: Jest już dostępna nowa wersja tłumaczenia do ApexDC++ Beta4 :") (w załącznikach poniżej) (dodatkowo: tłumaczenie jest częściowo kompatybilne z poprzednimi betami) Btw, To Developers: before the first runtime of Apex, i got a special box called "ApexDC++ Install" which contains (hurray!) translatable strings. That's great, but for goodness' sake, what's the aim in translating strings, which won't be shown any more in the future Moreover, if i don't wanna to step by this "Instalation" i just can not click X button and shutdown this box, the only way to escape is after OK clicking :> Regards and best wishes :] Patrol ApexDC_1.0.0B4_polish.xml