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  1. Compiling ApexDC++

    Thanks for all, i succefully compiled ApexDC b4 & b5 under MSVC2008 with STLPort from
  2. Compiling ApexDC++

    Hi, all! There's a little problem to compile ApexDC 1.0.0b4 under MSVC2008, can anyone help me? I have downloaded latest version of STLPort from SourceForge, but it's configure script does not support VC9 (MSVC 2008) compiler. After I have corrected a script for support VC9, STLPort all the same is not compiled, producing a lot of errors, like this: D:\Temp\STLport-5.1.5\STLport-5.1.5\stlport\stl/_locale.h(108) : error C2487: 'collate' : member of dll interface class may not be declared with dll interface D:\Temp\STLport-5.1.5\STLport-5.1.5\stlport\stl/_locale.h(109) : error C2487: 'ctype' : member of dll interface class may not be declared with dll interface D:\Temp\STLport-5.1.5\STLport-5.1.5\stlport\stl/_locale.h(110) : error C2487: 'monetary' : member of dll interface class may not be declared with dll interface D:\Temp\STLport-5.1.5\STLport-5.1.5\stlport\stl/_locale.h(111) : error C2487: 'numeric' : member of dll interface class may not be declared with dll interface D:\Temp\STLport-5.1.5\STLport-5.1.5\stlport\stl/_locale.h(112) : error C2487: 'time' : member of dll interface class may not be declared with dll interface D:\Temp\STLport-5.1.5\STLport-5.1.5\stlport\stl/_locale.h(113) : error C2487: 'messages' : member of dll interface class may not be declared with dll interface D:\Temp\STLport-5.1.5\STLport-5.1.5\stlport\stl/_locale.h(118) : error C2487: 'all' : member of dll interface class may not be declared with dll interface Here some source from _locale.h (the string number 108 is marked): #if defined (__MVS__) || defined (__OS400__) struct #else class #endif _STLP_CLASS_DECLSPEC id { friend class locale; friend class _Locale_impl; public: size_t _M_index; static size_t _S_max; }; typedef int category; #if defined (_STLP_STATIC_CONST_INIT_BUG) enum _Category { #else static const category #endif none = 0x000, collate = 0x010, // [b]108[/b] ctype = 0x020, monetary = 0x040, numeric = 0x100, time = 0x200, messages = 0x400, all = collate | ctype | monetary | numeric | time | messages #if defined (_STLP_STATIC_CONST_INIT_BUG) } #endif How correctly to compile STLPort under MSVC 2008? And one more question. Whether Be required to me Boost TR1 Libs for compilation ApexDC 1.0.0b5? Where I can download them?
  3. ApexDC 0.4.0 randomly crashes #2

    Hi, again. It seems to me i found this strange bug. According to SMT advice i run ApexDC from MSVC debugger, and client was crashed with the following message: When i open MSVC i see the following (module ImageDataObject.cpp): lpLockBytes = 0 ... and when we call Release() method, client crashed. I don't understand at all what is the lpLockBytes object, but maybe we should insert into the code of ImageDataObject.cpp some conditions, like this: if (lpLockBytes != NULL) lpLockBytes->Release(); What are you think about? And why lpLockBytes = 0 at this moment, may be it's already released at this moment? p.s. I found the MSDN code example where interface pointers released with check conditions ... maybe this help somebody. p.p.s. In my build of ApexDC++ i changed it to following: if (pOleClientSite) {pOleClientSite->Release(); pOleClientSite = NULL; } // [+] Decker if (lpLockBytes) {lpLockBytes->Release(); lpLockBytes = NULL; } // [+] Decker if (pStorage) {pStorage->Release(); pStorage = NULL; } // [+] Decker if (lpDataObject) {lpDataObject->Release(); lpDataObject = NULL; } // [+] Decker pRichEditOle->Release();
  4. ApexDC 0.4.0 randomly crashes #2

    I follow your advice and run the ordinary release ... application was crashed since ~10 hours from run with message: There's no exception.txt created. How can i catch this exception and understood where is the problem? p.s. My OS - WinXP SP2 (Russian).
  5. Hi, all! Some time again i used the ApexDC 0.4.0, dowloaded from this site. And the client randomly crashes without any readable error messages, exceptioninfo.txt not generated too (now i understand, that this because i forgot add ApexDC.pdb file in client directory). After that i compile the Debug Version from the sources from this site and see the next debug messages on crash (second after first): 1. 2. And after i add ApexDC.pdb file (from a my compilation debug version) in ApexDC directory i see the next exceptioninfo.txt: Code: 80000003 (Breakpoint) Version: 0.4.0 (2007-01-04) Major: 5 Minor: 1 Build: 2600 SP: 2 Type: 1 Time: 2007-01-05 19:43:48 TTH: YJXL2N67TA62JXLVBAICCTTY2JA2QHQMOMXKEGA d:\temp\apexdc___0.4.0_source\client\queuemanager.cpp(1026): QueueManager::getDownload d:\temp\apexdc___0.4.0_source\client\downloadmanager.cpp(319): DownloadManager::checkDownloads d:\temp\apexdc___0.4.0_source\client\downloadmanager.cpp(287): DownloadManager::addConnection d:\temp\apexdc___0.4.0_source\client\connectionmanager.cpp(556): ConnectionManager::addDownloadConnection d:\temp\apexdc___0.4.0_source\client\connectionmanager.cpp(598): ConnectionManager::on d:\temp\apexdc___0.4.0_source\client\speaker.h(68): Speaker<UserConnectionListener>::fire<UserConnectionListener::X<5>=0x00000000,UserConnection *=0x0649F600,stlp_std::basic_string<char=0x0649F840,stlp_std::char_traits<char>=0x0649F970,stlp_std::allocator<char> > > d:\temp\apexdc___0.4.0_source\client\userconnection.cpp(165): UserConnection::on d:\temp\apexdc___0.4.0_source\client\speaker.h(51): Speaker<BufferedSocketListener>::fire<BufferedSocketListener::X<2>=0xAA197B00,stlp_std::basic_string<char=0x0649FA64,stlp_std::char_traits<char>=0xAA197EB6,stlp_std::allocator<char> > > d:\temp\apexdc___0.4.0_source\client\bufferedsocket.cpp(242): BufferedSocket::threadRead d:\temp\apexdc___0.4.0_source\client\bufferedsocket.cpp(512): BufferedSocket::checkSocket d:\temp\apexdc___0.4.0_source\client\bufferedsocket.cpp(524): BufferedSocket::run d:\temp\apexdc___0.4.0_source\client\thread.h(132): Thread::starter f:\rtm\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\src\threadex.c(348): _callthreadstartex f:\rtm\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\src\threadex.c(331): _threadstartex kernel32!0x7C80B50B: GetModuleFileNameA Could you tell me how to fix this problem? p.s. Sorry for my bad english, but i think you should understand this post.
  6. Hi, All! Sorry for my bad english, but i found a small bug in ApexDC 0.4.0 ... To see it, do the following steps: 1. Open the "Baloon popups" section in a settings tree. 2. Just push "Preview" button ... and you will see ... nothing. 3. Push Msg Text button on a Popup Colors group. And client will not respond. This bugs appeared in binary from this site and also in compiled from sources. Can you tell me, how to correct this in sources?