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  1. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    Thanks for updating it....
  2. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    It's an XFX motherboard.... the manual used to be here: but if you email XFX about it, they'll forward the manual in PDF format to you I have no idea what's wrong... the AGP slot may be gone, but if it is, I'm scrappin the MB.... and I don't think it has onboard video (what a quality product right?) Just double checked.... no onboard video present And the card works, because I pulled it out of my working computer that i used to have, but upgraded. So it works (well too).
  3. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    Any disk that requires essentially the entire disk copied throws the system into a MCE error. I really don't care... I've found work-arounds, but there's one program I need to get working that I can't with this issue (Pinnacle Studio 10) Looks like I'll be doin some Maxtor HDD tests and running MemTest86 again..... No VGA output, no BIOS bootup. No sounds from system speaker. Manual doesn't have a trouble-shooting section (yay for XFX) and the manual you have to request from support to get it. I have it, checked the connections, nothing. Everything spins, but the board won't boot :)
  4. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    I totally could... have two issues: 1.) Keep getting a Machine Check Exception when copying gigs of info from a DVD to the hard-disk. Only happens when reading/copying from the CD/DVD. 2.) My other computer will turn on but not make it to POST... 3 different power supplies, 2 turn on, 1 doesn't. Memory is OK, CPU is OK, fans spin. No POST. But those are my problems :thumbsup: Good luck Crise.... hope you work out your computer issues.
  5. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    It's coming.... betas have a pre-alpha to test.... it's coming.... :P
  6. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    I thought donators/beta-testers didn't get the prize anyway... ;)
  7. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    It is a date, a date-stamp that comes out to 3/27/07
  8. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    Hmm... I guess then no-one will win. But if it doesn't matter if I win since I'm a donator, okay!! Still pretty sweet to see that we're close!! @Lee: You're welcome for the listing... thought it was useful after 6 pages....
  9. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    So for a quick recap: As of March 25th, 2006 ♦ 3dfx...........[ March 31st ] ♦ AleX...........[ April 18th ] ♦ BeertjeWit.....[ April 1st ] ♦ Brett..........[ April 15th ] ♦ DBP............[ May 5th ] ♦ Head Gr........[ April 17th ] ♦ Lost Angel.....[ March 30th ] ♦ Pasqualle......[ June 7th ] ♦ Pottymouth.....[ April 1st ] ♦ Terry..........[ March 26th ] ♦ XtremexGamer...[ May 14th ] ♦ crissand.......[ May 5th ] ♦ gix............[ March 31st ] ♦ it9733.........[ April 1st ] ♦ nemusns........[ April 1st ] ♦ rave...........[ March 27th ] ♦ spyke..........[ April 22nd ] ♦ v1c............[ April 9th ] ♦
  10. What about NAT/Firewall problems ?

    I don't know if universities disable every port except HTTP. They can't. Then they wouldn't be able to FTP to their sites, and all the bandwidth would go through 1 port, rather than dispersing the load over multiple ports.... Plus, plenty of us use AIM (port 5190) and other programs and email (110, 465, 993) off-campus. So really, many campuses lock-down the most exploited ports. That being said, many universities now use an intranet system that sits secluded behind the main Firewall to the internet. Everyone can communicate at 100 Mb/s (or about that) and nothing goes through the external firewall. Most DC++ hubs on campuses (that I've seen) are campus wide, and disallow outside users. So really, using port 80 wouldn't matter in that case. And if you took the time to think about your suggestion (using straight port 80 for everything), the network would be so slow, downloading would be useless, and thus the app itself would be useless. And even checking your mail/browsing the web would become laggy. So Universities just can't afford to close all ports. It'd break the firewall (happened at my school last year) if someone (or loads of people) kept trying to FTP all the time. Utilizing the main HTTP port is not a real answer. If anything, it would decrease the file-sharing community. A better answer would be to do the NAT traversal, only when necessary. Or, just educate people on how to forward certain ports. I use Azureus on my computer, behind my own a/b/g router, and forward the Azureus ports to my computer. Never had a problem downloading. Yes, the NAT is an issue, but I still get speeds of 800 Kb/s.... and I'm one of 7,000 students on campus using Azureus or any other internet app that utilizes bandwidth.
  11. KP's Semi-Dark DC Theme

    LIke the theme, very minimalistic, nifty. @Greg: As for your avatar, looks like nike just popped a nut.... lol :)
  12. Next Generation Video iPod?

    I own an iPod Nano. I can say that it's takin a lickin and kept on tickin (to the beat that is). It's been abused and misused, and it still hasn't died. I've also used the Creative Nomad player and Dell's mp3 player. Neither can really measure up to the iPod. Honestly, it all comes down to usability. That's why Mac is so "revolutionary". Because they make products you can "just use". I see the iPod as a good product (there are places for improvement); however, I'm not boasting that the iPod should be the only player. Steve Jobs has done a fantastic job at getting his company back to the top, and I commend him for pushing projects further and faster. On another note: What type of cell-phone do you have? A camera phone? How about one that plays mp3s? Do you have a black-berry? If you said yes to any one of those things, let me ask you this: Why do you purchase something for which a better competing product is out there with better quality? Camera phone --> Digital camera & $20 phone mp3 Phone --> iPod & $20 phone blackberry --> Handheld PDA, laptop There are plenty of products that are in the same situation as the iPod. Cell phones are the closest. They were fine as phones. Then someone said: Hey how about a camera in the phone? Well, Steve Jobs said: Hey, how about video in the iPod? So they're capitalizing on their "innovation". Who cares? If you've ever used an ipod for longer than 20 minutes, you'd know why they're the leader in mp3 player hardware. But that's just my opinion.... ~Brett
  13. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    April 15, 2006 <-- Guessing Hopeful that it's sooner....