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  1. Conect and disconect problem in version 1.1.0 and 1.2.0b

    I also have the same prob ,,,, bummer!!!! starting to make me nutty ,,,,lol
  2. Problem with right click

    :thumbsup: duh ,,,lol ,,that was to easy ,,,,, thanks alot for the reply,,,worked like a charm ,,,lol
  3. Problem with right click

    everything works great except that if i open my finished downloads and right click to remove somthing all i get is a blank menu this also happens in finished uploads,, tottaly puzzled here ,,, tried reinstalling with no luck, im running the latest version on win vista32,,, any clue?
  4. Sharing Problem

    cant seem to figure this out ,,,, every so oftem i loose all my shares ,,,, its like i just installed ,,,,currently sharing 251gig,,, takes a long time to re-share it all ,,,also i have 2 external hard drives ,,,if i forget to turn them on and start apex of course they are not there but when i turn them on and restart apex they still are not there ,,,, and i have to reshare them,, why???
  5. [1.0.0B5] Virtualisation mode on Vista

    I agree ,,,, UAC is just plain anoying ,,,,, turn it off,,,, suprised you still have it running ,,,,, u spend more time f-ing with the pop up's than anything else...
  6. my first crash 100b4

    been running for about mounth with no probs,,,, conneced to 5 hubs, 3 of which i am an op ,,, running nice till now , this crash will occer about 3 min after running, is happening every time i run it , comp and software have had no changes of any kind. Code: c0000005 (Access violation) Version: 1.0.0B4 (2007-08-07) Major: 6 Minor: 0 Build: 6000 SP: 0 Type: 1 Time: 2008-01-16 01:28:57 TTH: 7CNQCQXDGEV7S2IDTUSYEW73M722LLS7BVOOXDI ntdll!0x77CA2E7B: ?
  7. OS - Vista Home Prem When in the finished downloads or uploads window if I right click a file a menu will open but it is blank. also if i double click a file to play it it opens in Wmp and not in the default media player that is Winamp any info would be appreaciated... TIA