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  1. One of the most ways to download a folder contains: (1) searching (2) choosing download source (3) downloading. The list of search results often contains multiply download sources (from multiply users). But when I starts the downloading the file or the folder which one is the result of last search ApexDC usially adds source from only one user and starting search by TTH later. The suggestion for folder addition download algoritm is: (1) add selected folder to download queue (2) for first file: if client's tab 'Search' is open (one or more) -> search alternates sources by TTH from search results at open tabs and remember alternates user list (AUL). (3) automatically add sources from AUL to download queue (4) for every file in folder (from download queue) request it from every user from AUL (5) starts TTH searching in usial way after all (if it needs) The advantage of the proposed algorithm is that even at the start of the download of an entire folder for each file in the folder will be listed more than one source, and - without the use of search by TTH, and - instantly.