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  1. It is crazy to have so large download queue ( you must be a heavy leecher with bad cable :P ) and also the pause state...hmm...never have used the pause state feature. Should it be easier that you copy the downloads which you wanna put in to the pause state in the notepad instead...with the TTH string :)

  2. When you right click the main chat...where the auto scroll should exist on context before -> no auto scroll enable/disable feature exists...

    Auto scroll has been important feature when you follow later on the main chat.

    Context menu code handler or context menu show has some strange bug or is this feature dropped?

  3. For me the hublist is working just fine. What hublist did you try ( what address exactly)?

    I downloaded the hublist succesfully and connected to hubs just normally like always (by double clicking) and it connected to the address not to the name like you said....and it shows info alright on every column (not like you have)´s list is offline at the moment like usually.

    Maybe you have a gypsy hublist (who have bug in the hublist code) because it connects wrong way and shows wrong info in the columns.

    The share worked just fine when I updated the binary package (from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1)

  4. i can confirm that there is a bug present in the connection settings since it it reseting my setting everytime apex restarts.

    Yes same here...first it was a strange ip (not my ip or localhost). After second boot it reseted the ip to localhost ( IP on startup has a bug.

  5. The segment downloading works a little differently I believe. I think the main difference is that when a segment is finished it actually disconnects, meaning you can lose your slot. Not too sure if I'm right, but I believe that's required to emulate DC++ well.'re right...

  6. hi there,

    i just switched from dc++ to apexDC++ and i have one problem. It keeps sending my stored password but it says its incorrect for some reason. I've tried changing it under settings and under my favorites, but its not working. Any ideas?


    Ask that kind of questions from hub have wrong password...

  7. Kait se miunnii pittää tänne sanoo notta Terve. Ei kyll ole just tullu taas käytyyn täälläkään mutt tultiin nyt taas kuitenkin =) :D

    Moro Mikkis...sie muuallakin, kun dc++ privassa :)

  8. Tarina johtaa siitä, että yks hihhuli uskovainen tossa rupes äsken mulle kirjotteleen sikana spostia, niin rustasin sille vähäsen sen blogiin Jeesuksesta mitä me ollaan sen kanssa tehty...

    Jeesuksen kanssa viimeks ryyppäsin...oota nyt oliko se sillon monta vuotta sitten...vittu että oli hyvät kännit...jätkä käveli jäällä ja muut usko että se juoksi veden päällä...noh silokeista tuli roima annos..siks muut aamulla ajatteli mitä sattuu, kun kännissä tungettiin vuorella jeesuksen kaa silokeita viiteen leipään ja kahteen kalaan ja lopuksi syötettiin me viidelle tuhannelle miehelle, kun Jeesuksen mielestä se oli hyvä idea...noh pikkasen viini hiprakassa Jeesus huuteli: "Antakaa te heille syötävää"...noh me pistettiin ne viidenkymmenen hengen ryhmiin ja annettiin niille ne viisi leipää ja kaksi kalaa...silokeilla varustettuna, totta moses....pitää ottaa joskus uudelleen jeesuksen kaa...hitto että oli hauskaa...porukka puhu meidän ryyppyreissusta yli 2000 vuotta...uskokaa tai elkää!!!

  9. OK, it does work, I'm a little ashamed... :blushing:

    Shouldn't the RAW command selection drop-down be disabled if the ADL search is not for a forbidden file? That would make a lot more sense.

    Don't be ashamed :) Yes, it would make sense if the drop down menu would be at disabled state.

  10. Considering the English language has the largest vocabulary of any language, there's bound to some words which don't translate well into other languages...

    Try to translate Finnish vocabulary to English...that is a difficult task...example below ;) (Finnish allows for words of arbitrary length)

    The word is made possible by the grammatical rules of the Finnish language. Finnish uses compound words instead of prepositions to describe complicated things. Take for example the word "rauta", iron. You can add the word "tie", road, to the end and get "rautatie", a railway. You can also add the word "hammas", a tooth, to the beginning to get "hammasrauta", braces (literally an iron of the tooth). The fun part is that it is grammatically correct to join these two words to get "hammasrautatie". This is a concise and compact word meaning a railway that runs on teeth or a road made of braces. (Although, being a pun, it is quite impossible to translate properly.) This word can then be extended to "hammasrautatietyö", which means repairs on the tooth railway and so on.

  11. Notepad, Notepad++


    Command Prompt


    Sygate Personal Firewall

    PeerGuardian 2

    AvG Anti-Virus


    Windows Live Messenger

    Microsoft Office products

    IE,Firefox,Opera etc



    Ynhub, Aquila


    Visual Studio 2005



    EvilLyrics, Amip

    VLC media player


  12. Same problem has been here. This would be a nice feature. B) Yeah, maybe in appearances the reg/vip/op chat and a manual possibility to choose the color (overrides the appearances) for the hub tab page at the favorite hubs.

  13. Every browser sucks in different reasons. I am using many browsers, but firefox (goddamn it uses to much memory) is probably most used with following extensions...

    #1 Firebug

    #2 Web Developer

    #3 ColorZilla

    #4 Adblock Plus

    #5 Html Validator

    #6 FireFTP

  14. Nog vågar man tala vad som helst...tala skit är ganska lätt på många språk :)

    Jag har hört att du har menat sluta med AML och DC++, ligger det nånting bakom i detta beslut eller var detta bara ett temporär beslut?

    -Jänkhä Coder-

    P.S inte rikssvensk, utan finlandssvensk :)

  15. PirateShare Closed For Good! (03/02/2007 - 06/20/2007)

    It's been over 24 hours since I posted our plea for help, but it seems no one gives a ****. I really thought this site would get a lot more support from the public seeing as we're basically risking our asses in jail so you peeps can share a few ****ing cracks. I guess my buddy in Team ICU was right though, I shouldn't have to deal with this **** any ways...

    To any interested buyers, this domain is officially for sale! Price $9,999 -- we have to pay off the debts somehow! Just e-mail us your info and we'll send you the payment details, and the EPP key soon after.

    Farewell (to anyone that actually gave a ****),

    nsane productions & Friends

    PS - All 4 of our Premium Members will be refunded as soon as I sober up...

    hahahah...nice text :(